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Logs for Sat and Sun 17-18/4

Isle eof man, Texas radio Atlantic tumbril and a big list of various stations

Logs for sat sun

Sat 17/4

6070 Texas Radio  shortwave ,various sings of rather country music , via R292 Rohrbach listened via the web SDR for better reception as the signal is just -100dbm here an ID ffrom the service at 0840 “we have more songs for you” with mostly easy rockor op . IN wtente the signal is -75/90dbm locked  at -2.HZ  with not aggressive a noise as in mine QTH and fades up to 25db

9670 is off . I was expcting uncle Bill ..

6070 Atlantic R on 0900 with ID in French and vey short talks . fist song with “here comes the rain again”  form eurythmics . requst for QSL report at 0907 . senza una donna  Zucheri , ID 0911, chanson d amour Manhattan transfer – my pujaan memories from the childness! And up when we belong from J Cocker and 0926 what a wonderful world
I continued to listen to the program via te web sdr . signal here is only -95/120 ie NFL
Such songs are only to remember and sing , not the todays!

6070 tumbril on 1000+  unfortunately the signal is very poor and the 9670 transmitter is off as tested in my SDR and on the Websdr site today with nice program.I liked the Armenian harp play that seems quite close to Greek traditional music
9890 CNR13 mixing with VoKorea on 1500

Sun 18/4
13710 Manara 0748 with -75dbmsignal  has high aural artifacts  possibly from compression . they  are quite annoying Man talking pos with political commentary Optimal audio at 2×4.2 kHZ ID at -752 as salam aliqum manara
15260 Dandal Kura in kanuri 0754 with very good modaltion and sufficient audio at 6kHz wide and -68/130dbm signal Memtion of NIgeria and R D K Mustaf Mohd Mustafa HIlife song 0757 with drums play Rather overmodulated talks in 0758 in ENglish Program in arabic at 0800 starting with song
15290  NHK 0759 signing on with IS -81dbm and ID at TOH
13840 B Stair? From WOrdl last chance in Arabic. 0802 just sigal at -100dbm with sporadic modulation.  
15790 WMR 0814 with afroribbean music  at -100max/-125dbm signal
10309.5 Kontayner at-110/130dbm  rather steady signal
9410 /9774/15375  no signal from Fuxin at 0834 15375 issupposed for 09-10 bu again no signal .. Off? Via Korean kSDR
15195$$ supposed RFA lao via Korean kSDR at 1111 and kSDR in Quzhou om 1218 with talks by woman then a viet style song  a typical style of the religious stations. Log tatslk by man referring to Rohinga  Taiwan Vietnam and other counties of the region with minimal time recordings from a American speech woman and referring also to covid  .Good signal at S9 or -83dbm Ther are connection problem between the antenna of the Korean kSDR and the receiver NO signal on my QTH
7345$$ with no signal in my QTH at 1127 tested in Quzhou with S9+15 max or -56dbm and 20kHz wide channel with talks and laughs in Cantonese . Thre is some nice difference between mandarin and this language !
11915$$ CNR2 at 1230 ‘XInxi zhe zhen’ with many ID and adverts  then news(??) reports So signal in my QTH but on Quzhuo with S9/S5 or -75/94dbm

11560  AIR in Dari man in the news for covid , with short gaps 1339 At 1341 he speaks faster  motioning plan b (??)-65/125dbm with 2×5 kHz wide audio

9835 Sarawak and 11665 Wai Fm via Phils SDR : R Sarawak with nasyid songs that is religious , while Wai with man chanting Stoped 1358 , earlier than usual ..
Also 9840 VoVietnam 1400 in Japanese with -65/S9+10 signal

9400 «lsle  of music» not heard in my SDR.  Instead I tried via SDr in Hungary still poor but in Balingen DE the signal is good at S9 stopped in 5 minutes then I checked on a SDR in Austria with the same level .
A check with TDOA shown a point in inside the N Portugal at 40.6 /-8  Second pass shown  39.3/ -7.7 by replacing a inactive seed Funny that he signal is transmitted from Bulgaria
Spanish Program lengthy discussions on Cuban music with limited music!
Recheck on 1556 with numerous IDs and emails around1 minute nly carrier then recorded program from TOM Used my last kSDR via Sardinia. 

##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube


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