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Monitoring on 24

Some logs plus a new report for new R Algerie


6336  -100dbm and 6380 -90dbm the most lovely OTHR from kontayner  

7280  V Vietnam in viet 1707 with talks ans sort music intervals -80dbm but very clear ! a bit overloaded

9515 Denge welat 1834 with discussions -45dbm

9635 Ndarason 1836 with program in Kanuri -50dbm

9820 Last chance 184 program in English with mean signal of -55dbm Baptisms

9830 DW n Hausa 1843 with typical signal at -65dbm

9835## V Oromia a1714 just a trace of a carrier -93dbm signal only

9845 Last chance 1900 exact on this frequency with ID at 1901 after a minute IS  IDing as KNLS and mentioning the program -65dbm

9915 BBC in //11810 1847 arts and compyters jellyfishes, at -65dbm and nice audio at 2×5.5 kHz ID at 1859 ‘restoring Americas back/ 195930off  

11253##  RAF volmet today with a high signal of -65 dbm max !!

11660 TWR 1726 in Amharic with religious talks . ID and info on 1729z Next program is Oromo

11769.9 V Nigeria with program in ENglish too much noise in the room to listen properly

A few MW news

531 at 1641 just heard RActualtitata instrad of Jil   with -836dbm Too early? At 1756 with signal above the RRA reaching the -71dbm level with French program

549 Ukraine -78dbm with talk in Russian NO signal from jil still

891 just a faint carrier at-95dbm At 1800 there is a carrier on exact  891 while thre is a steady signal 20Hz lower at-110dbm

1377 TWR 1807 in Kurdish at -75dbm 1812 a kurdish song ID and carrer at 1815

729 ERA no signal today at 17   !! at 1800 with RNE with news


##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube


PBS Sizhuan and other

6060PBS Sizhuan at 1416 with YL talking in YI as eibi notices There is a strong QRM from splatter from the 10±KHZ wide  6065 CNR2 and a bit from 6075as received  Best reception in Khabarovsk with clear signal at -65db  Also good reception on 29/11 on 1000 There is an alternative frequency on 7225 with poor signal as checked in Khabarovsk
A very  intesting  language that is very close to Tibetan Just looking on the eibi listing PBS Sizhuan or 四川  PBS is transmitting   in both TB and Yi  Maps shows it is located very close to Bangladesh and inner Tibet
Reception Screensot

A few more tips in KHabarovsk  
828 Lessons of English in Japanese  An audo clip here
Supposedly NHK2 as per mwlist?

6140 DPRK DRM on 0957 with operas . This is in DRM mode  with S9+20 dbm signal and 14 kb bitrate  
6030  CNR Zhong guo zhe sen also in DRM at 1002 with S9+20 but as with DPRK reception is with problems  even if the SNR as noticed is 16db at max . Also analog at 6125 with -35dbm
6065 Nikkei 1013 talks in JJ   between man and woman.  Two carriers inside the bandwidth I think the system has some overloads effecting reception  
6080 PBS Hulun Buir 1019 with Turkic music and signal S9+10 sinal (-55dbm ) YL with song identification  at 1020
Old CIS2 model idling on 8656.2 at 1040 -100dbm

25/11 with kiwis & R Angela

5130  R Angela has been heard via  two kSDRs  from Smolinski’s site with -81dbm on 0450 and strongly deteriorating signal after 0500 Much better in Fair Hill  Maryland.  The 10 minutes program ‘world music interlude’  consisted of two dangdut songs plus some talks about WBCQ.  This is the trial for a future program with dangdut songs

Other logs
4840 WWCR3 with  man 0424with crazy voice and talks Bedrooms etc  S40 A woma is laughing !  IN HF under ad fair hill ML
4765 Progresso 0425 with song , rather dull sound  but goo signal a -65dbm There is soe mw CIDAR signal under
4940 CLM? Short talks then into typical LA songs of 60s  on 0430  per que Jesus Christus Man then with religious talks on churches -80 in HFU  t2FD /-70in Fair Hill  religious talks continue and after 0500 with holy night at 0505 without any ID noticed
4930 the pip is well heard in fair hill with …carrier !
4885 Para 0436 with football program enthused sPeaker and people after a goal! Possibly Braizl won the aim CODAR under
5450 RAF Volmet ‘very strong’ evcen at -85dbm!!  Also 5505 Shannon at -100  on Canary at-85 also

Canary islands
7245 Erdogan wining against Denge Welat 0520 with -60dbm Also good in THS
7220 RRI Galbieni DRM format with -60dbm signal but cant be decoded

24/11 with SDR and locally

Today the QRN is quite high with poor signals and “high static” in all bands
Some interesting 
6849u  at 1905+  with secret spay station with EE with fgs  E11 s noticed in eibi > Just marginal
6542  Kontayner OTHR 1909 with also marginal signal  
6921 FSK at 75 bd unknown mode 1914
8588  slot machine ! 1917
9860 Firedragon   1928 with a 2×6.3 kHZ wide signal
11900 . 12050 Ndarason , 12075 () , 12095 are the only signals in the 25mg band at 1940

In Phils kSDR:
9665  R Crossstrait   Radio CNR5 via the Phil kSDR with nice classical music at -65dbm sigil non 2142
9790  unsure if this is RFI , but lang is French This signal is  QMRed by a signal similar to …Buzzer

Trying to do some reception in a  nearly full kSDR..
1530  countdown songs form STP VoA ? heard with -72dbj in Za-TWR  kSDR , poor with some fair reception   ID at 2159
1424 Hellenic radio (ID? )2202 with mix of Greek songs Local station at -33dbm !
657 R Pulprit  religious program in English at 2205 also on -35dbm

Mesages to WOR plus logs 22/11

Two emails for  WOR:
Re : Farda on 7590
This station is mostly with music  and some talk language is Farsi
Means tomorrow

On Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Harold Frodge <> wrote:
Disco music here at 0526; talk didn’t sound like EE; SIO=353

Re:  RBS Korea
Poor in the city over the local noise checked on 1408
Otherwise poor in Thai but requires filter to 2.5 but on Daejeon Korean signal is good
There is also music in-between talks by YL 1416:Abt Israel
Screenshot in daejon as archent can be found in the fil4s section  in the WOR group Also one recording:
The last minute was with on off talks
Sole carrier for half minute then sing off 
RBS – Voice of the Revival of Korea» (RBS = Revival Broadcast System) is currently
on 5900 kHz. and should be on Tuesday and Friday, from 1400 to 1428 UT! Ron (California)

LOgs :
15310 bible Voice per eibi 1642 Wirth religious talk in Emharic 1642 2×5.2kHz  with 65db SNR 1650 is 45dbm SNR-75bm
15490  AWR in Somali heard Esaiah

Thee are two the veeeeeeeeery few signals on 15mHztoday 

19/11 local SDR and kSDR

 6100 CGTN 1439 with program in English -50dbm , 2×5.2 kHZ  wide
15595  1457 program in Farsi mentions  of Zelenski Harsh sounded male voice technology  etc -55dbm abrupt s off 1459
15160 Dmtse Woyanne  1513 Amharic at 1510  with discussions between man and woman   pronunciation is quite aggressive At 1512-3 noise started in the freq -55 dbm  65SNR  2x5kHz wide
15150 Tamazuj   1515 in Arabic , low modulation -71.dbm signal
Vacant carriers at  15370 15410 15440 15460 while VoA is just -76 25SNR and heard marginally
7300 CRI 1617 with Arabic  , I hear ahbar nufriha  1618 aAabic pop song -50dbm
7360 in a sudden R Vatican S/on 1619 Laudetur J Christ in Russian with immediate  program 
7410 CRI? With Hindi song at 1621 -60dbm signal

via Canary islands later:
6130 with pop songs on 2040+   with S5 Tested in Twente no signal was expecting R Jong Europa  but  Without signal there At  2050  heard the Chinese hymn then with s/on talks in Tibetan (PBS XIzang ) which was also in // with twente..
6180 R Nasional only in canary islands with ID at 1058 that continues with the song played and continued after the ToH //11780 at -90dbm 
9765 R Voz Allegre (KNLS ) via MDG  2112with acapella song -70dbm
9955 WRMI with unknown Spanish program 2115 Your story in English  is noted in swscheds list -89dbm

Some analytical bed reception with CNR13

9420 at 1330 with a long political program on CNR13 mentioning Chinese European relations [Zhongguo Europa mentioned  ] with a  more than 10 minutes  talk then referred to Nigerian Chinese relations  . China was also mentioned as “Hǝlk” whle the region was pronounced as ‘Sinzang’ continued with various other talks that bypass the ToH at 1400. In th meantime  CNR17 on 9630 aired some operas with short song identifications
I was continuing to listen to the talks on CNR 13 when  finally was sleeping until 1530 when the Chinese program was aired They were Identified as  “Yīshī Guangbo Jiemu”.  
Signal was nearly steady and clear in the most time  at 1330 with minimal fading while at 1530 QSB was deeper and medium-fast…
This is one f the very few stations that transmit continuously in shortwave with limited sign off times!  20/11/22
[ A true story. DXing sometimes helps for   sleeping . Reception  system as in the attached photo ]
to add: (1)this station is on of my beacons in shortwaves with nearly always good signal.
(2) the Antenna part shown is a bundle by 11+ 15 m with a balun and connects into the SDR. Alternatively there is a wire-wounded carton cylinder that covers the radio’s antenna .   The wires ends are connected into the double antenna system.

THS reception 18/11

18/11  with the 15/11 balun SDR1a  config

9495 TRT 1758 with slow folk song -35dbm IS reel in various languages 2×5.2kHZ audio
9390  Cairo? 1759 wit hum and very low audio . short power off then with talks in ??lang 55dbm -30dbm
9620 AIR in Arabic 1819 with talks with -55dbm 57 RMS  2x5kHZ
9650  two signals in the same freq with 40Hz  of difference The one on9650.0 got off 182250 the other ison 40Hz higher with 52dbSNR max
5925  for VOIRI  1848 with really no modulation !! -65dbm Ther are a  few more in this part of the band as 5945 5955 5970 with also very low modulation
6070 show of Everland  via  R202  with rock songs and several IDS losg time off then back 1938 with song  from evanescence
MW :
954 via Husum kSDR GE DMR with 23,6 Kbps heard in clear on 2030 clock and ID hen with news . Bad stereo audio Radio journal then with classical SMR 15.4 DRM A 16 QAM  checking in carious kSDRs nearby reception is not the 100%  but ven in very close kSDRs full  oflost packets …
I think that CQUAM cold do better job…

THS reception 17/11

with the 15/11 balun SDR1a  config

3155  Slavian pirate at 2022 moving  -85dbm signal
With even short antenna for MW the local station on 972 is heard quite well at -71dbm with nice ol Greek songs at 2028 Also another in 1602 steady at -69 dbm
5995  seen some faint signal form unknown , just carrier shown  at -90dbm seems it has some modulation but can’t be heard . in Italy with also low signal , Canary is full , nearly nothing on Cyprus Some signal in Cagliari with music form Zamfir or similar
Finally the signal is RFK or similar after listening form NW Eire kSDR
6000  with CNR at 2100 from its ID as  tested via Eire -81dbm signal locally
9105 for VoP at 2114  moved wth -871dbm max
9410 and 9445  Firedragon signals on 2116 QMRing others..

Some funny signals today
-115dbm is the noise level
4450 20 kHZ wide signal OTHR typε but quite different from container 2011
3440L  once again gree pirate with low level Greek songs for festivities 2014
3380 2014 this signal remomd older times with CIS -XX type signals
3243v at 2020 again s trumpet or horn beacon with -87.5 dbm msc
6736  Kontayner  2108 at -97dbm  Also 6888 same time

kSDR MW logs via Karelia FI and more


972 HLCA KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1  (using mwlist )at 1036 via karelia SDR  news by YL in korean   with phone ins -100dbm signal
207 RKSV  ICL with old pop song at 1041
243 DR Langbølge  DK with series of tomes on 1045  then ID? At 1046 YL with a bit harsh voice talking as like ‘encoded’  text mentioning m/times
Continues with IS music in various instruments
Station :
252 RTE R1 1055 advertisements Poor if listening without headphones!  News after 1100

1143 Korea? 1239 with a song , advert of  Loran ,  KBS ? IDing in koran and Chinese . talks between OM and YL in both languages (!) S7 at max with  med level QRM from others
At 0400 of this recording is  the clock  1300 at   0409 is th ID
At 1303z heard a Japanese? HM group song More info here (FC group only for registered users )

1107   Xinjiang  ,program in Uighur mentioning many times Xinjiang. Underneath  station from UK in English Rather steady signal at -83dbm

1125 at 1421   Japanese station airing Japanese song under korean . 1426  with Chinese with Teresa Teng  plus at last two more stations The one transmits in English mentioning several problem in transmission . Chinese from other channel
reception before and after 1500 an normalized :
If someone can identify …

594 CHN  with traditional Chinese song   opera . 1450 QMR by marker on 592
612 TWR via Kyrgyz with ID at 1455   Previously with some music

Logs in the THS mountain for 13/11

With lower local noise and 3×9 m Δ antenna and PL330 rceiver

7265 CRI in Italian  20xx with traditional operas 50/20  
7285  Xizang PBS in Tibetan starting transmission with the classical old ID  with national anthem the East is Red and immediate talks by OM and YL that is the program schedule. Noticed transitions times and program. BTW in Greece the national hymn is heard only on 6am via the 1st  program of ERA
7505 Farda 2056  about Kurdistan with phone in reports and referring also to Baluchistan  and Pakistan Also Instagram etc 50/25
7300 Akbar Muhrifa /Mashira 2115 with talk in Arabic and IDing very clearly as Mashira /Majira Around  20206 with several IDS and addresses then a chanting. ID at 2129 as Akbar Mufriha nd also Majira. 50/25 signal in the PL330
BTW Majira /MAshira means Hoeny comb in Arabic .

7375 R Rom Intl in English  213x with news on the climate change . also on 23 Euro Song Contest and on how the entire will be made. It will be held in Liverpool instead of  Ukraine . Panorama with tear!

7425 Erdogan hitting well against RDW  at 213x  with signal 44/18 There is also a FSK signal hitting the USB part
6930 pirate at 2142 wih poor signal over the local noise with near to heavy mental  song with maximum signal at 26/00 long times  under the noise  orr less than 5 secs of reception Can this be he vault?

A few in MW
1278  Ukraine prg 1  2214 with news about Ukraine and Belorussia . In  Russain or like (Ukrainian? ) reference to Zelenski but bad music audio mixing Contiues with referring to Putin UK  Lavrov and Vietopetrovska Oblast Also good in Cypriot kSDR
but not so good in E Europe kSDRs ID at 2300

1215  on 2215 further to a previous reception on 9/11  (unlogged but  just recorded with -45dbm  ) the pirate from Athens once again strikes with continuous dedications voice-overs with folk songs  of the 70-80s  in background including some gunny or bad comments . this is the worst example for the Greek amateur radio in MW …Good signal with short time deep fades
1044 Duffy (not Duck)  2230 airing a song from Demmy Roussos for anyone he knows him
1476  Expecting to listen to R Keralam  but not any signal here ar 2240 S20 in Qatar kSDR
In Qatar kSDr many Hindi stations are heard with at least fair signal in the MW band
9999 Arabic station with chants  2245 It seems radio Mayak stops on 22 ? They are usually heard  here with good signal