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Monitoring April 25

We are getting now in the Holy Week in Greece Highlights fron VoIran freq change and SArabia dead signal

6295 Reflexions Europe 1915 man with program schedule -92/125dbm
6617   Rstov  meteo RR 1627  
6650 6675 6665 Greek QSO networks with signal up t -80dbm All LSB one of them with very clear sound
6764.9 Bagkok Meteo 1540 with talx  in Thai or Viet with IS tune  at 1541 but is heard off tune  (at exact freq ) QRM by Stanag-100 dbm
6881U  operators in USB
7140  and ~7180.015 VoBM with near top -90dbm signals with -25 dbm max fading 7180 is only carrier , 7140 is with very low modulation
9445 BBC via SNG in Bangla 1642 with talks about  Coroina and mentions reports on Bangladesh -68/120dbm
9620 AIR in French with talks and at 1947 with songs from Bolywood -71/115dbm
9650.04## Saudi Arabia  1646 with discussions in Arabic but with very poor modulation . Quite better at 1658 “Idaatu Riad Ramadan “ and gain 165915 Idatu Riad –70/130
9929.895## VoIran in new freq . Pre-callibrated on RWM to get the accurate indications . Max to -75dbm low modulation but most times at -100 to -90 dbm levels  
9920##  exact  R Pilipinas 1920 at -70max
9939.98## TWR 1923 at -70 max Noise level at -120dbm that includes BPL
11530 at 1026 mixed Welat and TRT Erdogan with the same power levels. Trkic songs mixed with marches!  -72dbm
11649 Kontayner at1547 with -110dbm  with around 10 kHZ wide signal of at 1557 Also on 15700 at 1603 with-100dbm ,at 11952 on 1608 wth-100dbm,
15340 Dmtse wegahta 1708 in Amharic mentioning Tigray (as tigrai ) and 1711 with typical HoA.  QRM frm a Stanag signal . many time the signal  is lost under the stanag .
15600 after Wolfies message that Iran TV has changed frequency , reception here was with nil signal . tested also in the alternative of 12020 with no signal
15620 Voa in Somali ,Just a -67/130 db carrier at 1557 started in 1559 with VoA IS then ID mentioning Somali . News then. Spur signal on 15500 with levels to -110dbm around 20 db above the  local noise
15770 Supreme Master TV ? via WRMI at 15770 quite poor on 1604 at -91dbm max
15790 no signal today from WMR
17490 Cri  in English started transmissions on 0959 ON 1000 and then with QRM from 17485 Signal at around -85dbm at best at 1029


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