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Monitoring Apr16

new noise problem in the Shack and various logs

Logs on 16/4

I today seen a -85 dbm digital burst on 3.8-5.2 MHz wide. Checked outdoors with the PL380 showing  a signal of 40-45dbmThat can mean low SW or tropical are  out for me? DAB on such low band?  ON electron SDR ,  SSb signals are well heard as well the remain band. Something totally local  …

5355 QSO in Turkish 1635
6255 Korean cland is very clear wit very good signal -75dbm maximum with very little QRN from jammer 2028
6270 unID pirate  with nice soul and jazz music Off  2101
6305 a pirate with -110dbm signal but cant be clear if is pirate . best signal in kSBR in Austria with-70dbm but later signal fallen to -90 some talks in between the time the signal faded out. Mostly  pops and ballads  
6340U 2038 OM with talks type QSO in  SS or PP  nearly -120dbm
6400 Pyongyang Pangsong at  1565 is not there The left a few days ago
6604 gander meteo 2129
6656U meteo ? , very poor to listen!!-115dbm
6685 geek operators QSDOing 1604
6714 CQ from a 1605 -105 dbm
6919 OM at 2103 S? Z ..FY..
6985 vault with quite unstable carrier to 100 Hz with dance music but not . just 4-5 Hz only as shown the spectrum analyzer “This is the vault “ at 2120
7140 and 7180.017 VoBM signals at -90and -80dbm  at sudden better mod on 7140 with beat music at 1559
7210 TRT 1120  in Bulgarian with news then songs  -53/130dbm signal ID in 1123 also with language . Not clear audio
7540 CNR? 1610 jamming surely RFA CC in the freq both are heard . It seems RFA s better at most -71dbm There is a second carrier on at 80 HZ higher with different fading pattern
7571 FSK two tone at 50 bd idling with-91.6dbm at 1612 NO VoK that time
7600 CNR1 at1610 at -84 dbm , talks
8000 Kontayner at1617 with -100/130dbm signal  Also 1622 10 KHZ wide at -90/115dbm
8992 1618  encoded message with -95d/125 bm singal
9310 Deewa 1620
9749.8 Kuwait 1127 with talks by OM then a song -79/-120dbm
11253 RAAF 1625 meteo messages -90dbm well heard
11297 ROstov  Volmet 1626 with meteo in Russian , some minimal timeouts
11530 Denge welat man talking to Kurdistan at 1627 , with -45dbm signal 2×20 kzh splatter
11630 CNR17 in Kazakh with talks , background stringed instrument , -70/-130dbm signal
11645VoK? 1630  in English mentioning 85 and 96 a hymns similar to Korean.  
11650 CRI in English 1132 afte a song with talks -100/130 dbm signal
11685 REE in Spanish 1957 with talks reports and referring  to COPA final  day and word flowers
11770 station in German (???) on 1640 . Nigeria on 1943 with man talking in p Hausa. eibi shows  French for that time -81/120dbm with mentions of Mohammad and Qur’anic texts
12005 Farda 1201 with nice pop song . Very clear sound 13+ kHz with -66/122dbm
13590 IRIB 1150 with Arabic songs then talks in Arabic, head as good but mod is 50 db lower than the signal  
13810 CNR5 1216 via Kashi at -99/130dbm with reports
13845  political program , speaking for democrats “all call no  ???” at WWCR3 at 12227 -91/130dbm
15130   VoChina /CNR1 at -50dbm with ID at 1302
17490 CRI in English 1155
21670 just signing off 1157 with -70dbm signal . In between razor sounding BPL noise with 15 db level  BB pulses

729 ERA at -70dbm 2000 with typical news at TOH
7190L operators in Greek 1122 -90dbm


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