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About me

in a few words: I am an near to 60 years old man strongly involved in radio and DX ing since the end of 60s Listened not only to standard radio stations but also on utes and digital communications in the period of 80s and 90s and collected more than 500 QSLs. so far
My first radio was a Silver radio-cassette-recorder. It was replaced later by a IDF7600D Sony – mini digital the first of its type- on 80s and a Lowe 150 on 90s. On 2k I bought a a R75 comms receiver and later a few Tecsun radios which included also the PL380 adn the DE1003 Degen model that i use also today.
I installed several SW wire antennas in the house but my favorite is the 2×16Λ that is used also today since 98 after i married and moved to a mountainous place with much clearer signal than my parents house.I very recently removed all small antennas and added a 3×9Δ antenna located 3 m above the ground.

At same time (early 90s)a friend proposed me to subscribe to a UK DX club and then extended my subscriptions to Play DX and others in the Europe.
On mid 90s started connecting to intenet and on 96 made my first web page in geocities that was moved to Google sites and more recently into Blogger One of my main aims to get connected was music-info and DXing updates with business in second rank.
Since 2019 a potable PC and an SDR returned my main Dxing interest into doing scientific signal analysis The first a SDRPlay RSP1a was later the backup SDR for the an Airspy HF+Discovery that works better in LW
Except it , im moving in between two points twice per week : Servicing my sick mom in the city for 2-3 days and my family in the remain days of the week The distance is around 8 km. but the car is used mainly by my wife
My system is a as follows

Main home in the moutain
2 x16 m inverted V antenna
3×9 horizontal delta antenna
ICOM R75 as standard radio
parents home
10 m horizontal wire over the balcony
3+5 m wire to guide the antenna into the room
main radio PL550
Retekess 115 is used only as music player

More info in my history is here (in Goo sites)

I registered once on WordPress at early 2000s via a comapny which later ceased operations , but had not used the m since then
For the moment Blogger is simpler than WordPress to author a web or blog post


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Test page for the moment.Blog duplicate


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