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Monitoring 21 March

report on the IRIB that will soon to close Spanish service if not all plus «44 mb» logs and some more general


6070 DARC at 1007 with -68/115dbm
13264 Shannον  Volmet 1100 with ID -109/-115dbm
13810 CNR7 is at 1102 with -95dbm . rather fades down
10460  oM calling Novosibirsk UAB 1118
10871.7 marker D 1123 -85dbm
11710 CNRor CRI 1146 with long phone-in talks , with a rather bassy reporter
9890 CNR13 mixed with VoK under them. They are in synch -66dbm
9835 Ashna at1530 with talks with-75dbm signal  just QRMed from AWR in Bulgarian pn 9830 with -55dbm signal
4712 R Rostov with calls , RR voice in the …switches -75dbm Much  lightning game , no reason here
4950  Srinagar 1639 tals by OM in very bassy voice nealy not heard , 1640 hindi song very low modulation
5930 WMR ? 1749 with -90dbm signal and pop music 1750 dominated by IRIB with-60dbm
4980 Xinjiang PBS 1754 with nice -65/115dbm signal with traditional songs 3.5khz audiofilter
6270 pirate 1827 with oldies “abracadabra” at  -86dbm
6295 Reflections Europe 1829 religious program -85/120dbm
7315 Algerie with Quran , 1942 with chanting 1943  ustaz with talks -60dbm ID “kuran al karim”1945 &7375 mixde with another signal -75dbm

44m amateur sations at 1550:  (-115dbm noise floor)

6670  french QSO -85dbm at 1831 on 6650 n FR and Ital
6675  -65dbm one , 6666 ,  6650 and more : greek operatrs
6697low 3 kHz wide  LINK 11
6661U (aero )talks in English
6643L russian
6676U 1840 Bangkook meteo -90db max

And a few checks for IRIB that  is to suspsnd operations yesterday in log form  :

7310 IRIB in Arabic 1512 -50dbm signal
9800 just a carrier at-60 1515 db
9870 1548 the known IS     -47dbm max program in Turkish
7430 (??)talk in Farsi 1632ionstead of Arabic as noted in eibi with many notes of Iran -50dbm Iran e khosum as ID good audio , undermodulated comparing to their neighbours of CRI
6150 ?? towards SEA 1648, -85dbm signal is splashed out by 6145 -65dbm
5935 ?? [Pustu] carrier od -95dbm nothing heard 7290 in Russian 1701 in -58dbm also undermoded
6060 Arabic -59dbm 1733 low mod with talks
6110 Bosnian with talks with-49dbm at 1740  with low mod and bandwidth . Clear otherwise The strongest among  its neighbors
5940 in German about the Tal ban’s -57dbm with poor mod in levels and fidelity 5941 with FSK but very poor -95
5930 in Italian 1751 with the typical IS and ID -75/130dbm (baseband suppressed)
5925  in Albanian 1820 with -60/130dbm with good modulation (baseband suppressed)Now WMR is in clear //7305 at -53/130 that starts immediately with Quran (not the Italian)
9475 a -90dbm signal where nothing can be heard over the hard -115dbm noise
6040  ID at 1929 with program in English -59dbm
6130 in French .mixed with TWR Swa and -70dbm , USB part has a local buzzer at-100 dbm
11880p to SAf just a -90dbm carrier with no any traces of signals
7360  at2023 in Spanish language in -52dbm  QRM by Vatican radio 7365 -50dbm but with hi modulation and a bit from CRI FF 7350-55dbm There is aso a CRI signal under
11870 2030in Spanish but with a signal of -78/-110dbm results as ‘poor’As in result all noticed frqs in eibi are still operative
Will also try tomorrow as time permits to ID if any of them are in operation


##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube


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