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Logs for the Mon 30/1

On the city mountαins w PL330 αnd fαst checking before leαving the plαce : 3×9 m indαctive reception
21670 R Sαudi 1053 with good signαl αnd mαrginαl for thαt time  
17490 CGTN 1053 news 50/25
15390  CNR13  Uigur , 1054 trαditionαl song 39/21
i1860 Υεmεn  1054 trαditionαl locαl Αrαbic song 30/18
9420 something is heαrd but is too poor
15120  1056 seems Αrαbic 30/11
15220 CRI 1058 with trαditionαl music  50/20
15350 TRT 1059 Turkish song prior to IS 20/15

The following αre mαde in Between 1106 -1108
15140 Αrαbic 43/10 
15630 V Irαn  tαlks in Fαrsi 37/10
15690 ?? αrαbic song 58/20
11540 Erdoğαn sinαl αlone 40/??   No Denge welαt on 11530 nor on 11775


Τετ 29 /1 logs

5055 4kZ via Rotorua NZ with S7 signal high QRN man with talks  in ENG at 0825 wth song
7290 Nabire , via Hawai kSDR with -80dbm with talks by OM , on 0828 with song
5010 WRMI ? 0830 with old German song of 40s
5025 REBELDE 0825 +0840 with talks and music. S10 max
5020  Solomos Silands 0835 with reggae type music in English (? Tomorrow we love ) Advert on 0843 ‘origin energy ‘

kSDR logs 25/1

5170u ΤWN meteo 2220 with talks in CC Quite good even at S7 , in Chingching CN
9950 via Wessex under higher than usual noise with RFA Koran with news and ID RFA and signal S10 I feel somehow disappointed All logs below via Wessex :
9920  R teos f 1549  with talks in Russian There is also a a same level STANAG signal on its USB part
9890 adn 9420 in synch , Xinjiang PBS with pop song and CC program 1551
6305u  QSO discussions in  French 1553
6301u OM in talking in  dutch using the IPA Eng code
6547For gander radio stand by 1600

Logs for 22/1

Not posted due to huge work
using Youloop and Airspy Disc kSDR

963  a mincing between a French  songs station and Cyrpus  on 2035 both with songs  though Klonaridis from the greek program is one of my favs singers the French mellow get more interest to me ! Song ‘melodie’  by Girard making this must be Tunis and checked to be in //  with the live via the mwlist link at 2040  the QRN was increased making reception bad
Also good using the Airspy RX with 45+ db SNR

1386 Greek pirate 2042 with strong hum is still higher in the SAM mode , wandering carrier a operator ID as Makis ith program between 8-11 pm. This is Radio 13 testing in coincidence with another on 1395 using the same ID
1494 Moldova with ID after the clock then immediate  -96/140dbm signal
531 good signal at 2102 with news in Arabic at 2103 with promo in French
549 Jil FM very rare here 2109 to be received at -100 38dbSNR with interesting tribal Amazir songs I could prefer if they used the 531 kHZ  instead of that Signal lowered after 2115 by 5-10 db
936 typical IRIB with instrumental music on 2323 as tested with SDR# Studio 1906 on the Airpsy HF+ D  was bear IDed wih faris lagn talks by YL then starting Persian song . Underground station RNE  36 db SNR and good reception
1660 QSOnet at 2330 at quite late in GR (130 in the morning ) with 45db SNR Also another on 1700 exact …
171 Medi1 with pop songs 2339 and jimgle ID medi1 with 45dbSNR (-73dbm)
Also  198 with 23db SNR nothing nearly can heard

Via Some Australian kSDRs 9/1

4930 one again hearing the Chinese voice of recurring echoed talks that seem as numbers on 1820 . this time with man talking with -100dbm Via Araluen AUstralia

4890 VoPkoran cland 1826  with man talking over orchestral music . New music kind at 1826 in the clear . 4885 is occupied by the N Korean hammer

4750  ViINs  radio is qrm-ed by a CODAR  signal and is not heared so  clearly . Just some music is heard  S5 Also on 3325 with poor mod and S9 Much better in Bandung kSDR not in Jakarta where there is double signal on 4750 audio is heard lower

4450 Korean VoP is QRMed by shifted audio carrier  at 1848 , Nice pop song

Logs for 11/1/23

Denge welat today 7485 on 1936 YL with long talking in Kurdish. Changed to 7470 on 2000  and was s/off on 2202 after numerous tune ins
Erdogan is alone and fair signal in 7460 over a poor second signal again with timeout and gap filled audio as the previous log At 2202 they were also gone

Remain longs 
7465 on 1948 OM with talks in Korean and fair signal VoA PHL noted in eibi. 53max/12 on pl330
7385 CRI in Italian pbs 1953 with nice pop song ID in Albanian as yu flet etc china then closing program with traditional Chinese instrument music Good

7490 talks in Korean till 1920 then with songs of the NKorean style good signal 58/25 Max with qsb I’d at 1929 and long name web site Dead signal after
V of martyrs noted on eibi for this time

7570 VoK 2008 with anthem French language 45/10 signal lot of QRN with news.
7610 talks in Korean, coronavirus noticed on 2013 56/19 signal at best notice also Washington.YL talking over piano music RFNKorrea noticed in eibi

7205 zhongguoji guangbo diantai xuayin guangbo 2000 with intl Chinese service in Chinese with news and 62/15 max signal plus 2 sec qsb cycle
7240 Xizang pbs 2003 with program schedule. QRM from 7245 CRI CC

From the mountains of THS

Recordings on THS mountains day 1  :   1/1/23
Using the 3×9 m antenna plus PL330 with the display  twin  number (S/SNR)

9560  Vatican radio 1953 with Ave Marias  63/12
9620  AIR 1956 wit Bollywood songs fo the 60s (Lata Mangeshkar ) with a bit muddy sound French language
6080  Bible voice 2002 with religious  talks against Satan and it derivatives 67/25
5900 + 6180 DWD YL addressing meteo material in German 45/12
15580 VoAmerica STP 2020 with songs  signal 51/15
7365? 2044 with afro songs and French lyrics 48/16   eibi shows Vatican radio I could expect higher S numbers if this is Vatican
7600 V of Afghanistan 2220 ID carousel mix with many stations self promos possibly referign to their programs After 2230 with a long talk by man in Dari

MW logs using th AN200 loop antenna
630 2049 talks by people in seemingly Turkish language signal 34/17 about marshals and other unknown  type of discussion . At fades Timisoara is heard with classical music > I many times changed antenna diurecivity to listen to the Romania station waiting for the time  to find any ID but signal faded down with fast QSB  and mixing with noise Signal 34/17 for TRT 45/?? For Romania
801 Greek pirate 21+ with oldies of 70s period Fair
774 Al Sharq radio Egy 2310+  with westernized Arabic pops 90s till 2330 . program continues with a humorous ‘live’ comedy show with man and woman speaking aggressively  and audience laughing or applauding . Quite fun program

 Logs 2/1
171 R medi 1 0930 with Arabic talks  and ID at 0930 then with talks I mixed Arabic tamazight and French ! via the 2×16 m antenna

Via canary islands
6300 0940 with Morocan fishermen still in the band !!
9670 with music tacks of 70s  and -105dnbm signal (??
9635 RTMali 0948 wih very poor sinal at -115dbm with talks in French and ‘sporadic’  instrumental music
9750 NHK 0950 ‘ham shikino’ song with chind singing in a march style music  program continues with song  ID before the songs till 0955 Another poor signal
Via thai kSDR
12085 V o Mongolia 1000  with -52 dbm signal and Chinese program with music and preIDed songs (era of 90s )and operas as in NHK for longer time at 1019 with ID Built in audio buzzer  Seems a bit overmoded
11945 BBC WS 1020 tls about the climate crisis poetry eetc

Local reception
12005 R Farda 51/14 at 1042 with news > OM and YL speaking
11540 both are again back.. Ione day with Erdogan channel using totally different music. On 3.1  I head them reverting can to the typical carousel of patriotic songs   

6050 Xizang PBS Lhasa CC service on 2030 A nice haven of beautiful traditional and pop Chinese music. Tested both home antennas 3x9m  and 2x16m  with the 2×16 m wining on the signal level  . At this time 6050 is with very good signal while 7240 suffers form Qrm form 7245 (Romania )and later form a digital signal
6676 2039 with BKK meteo ? good
5995 a very poor signal 2042 in the frequency I m not very sure of it is Mali or the Korean clandestine
7300  Akhbar Muhrifa at 60/12 signal on 2112 spelling their telephone number in Arabic an then continuing with their email address as aruba at ?? and the web page
9275 WMLK the malak (angel ) 2121 man with talks in dictation mode Singal is 63/00 full of router noise (min was off, the second router effectd also quite strongly )
5140 Charleston 2135 with typical songs of the 50s era Poor

15145  ‘Idaatu Nuar’  the ID for AWR in Arabic as told by OM with lots of religious talks tll 0900
9840  TRT in Georgian 0907 with news from the Anadolu news service 36/05 withlotsof QRN
21670 R Saudi Intl at 1130 with program in Indo talks  and QSNPoor

A few wooden freqs..

…18as found Alan Roe’s guide to holiday broadcast in shortwaves . I can suppose the problem lies to the broadcasters for various reasons.

11815  at 14z+  as NHK , nothing found in any Asian  kSDR except a very poor trace of TRT that was proven after hearing that in my shack at first
3955 Bob’s splash 18+  only on that freq remain were empty , test  webSDR in twente check

6030 NDR wa also heard on 6080 9740 and 11650 as many more advised in the WOR list. The remain 13725 and 15770 were empty  !!
11725 RNZI at 1915 on 24/12  was also  empty freq in most Asian SDRS
12040 AWR Srilanka 22-2230 possibly wooden : Nothing on most kSDRs in Asia but very possibly heard in canary islands not for sure (8 users that time)

7730  7570 WRMI 23+ : Noting heard in various kSDRs tested

9955 WRMI was on 1415 25/12 and heard  Wavescan program with very good signal on Maurice LA  kSDR On 1530 it was OFF Remain nearby could not receive anything

FUNNY 5130 Angela 0320  on 24/12 with Orwellian airwaves then GMR  not heard in USA but on canaries instead wih -80dbm signal and gradually getting better Propagation sometimes is too weird

22-27 Dec logs inc Alan’s guide

Reception of 22/12
Today 11530 again  with welat  with their Kurdish  program at 1438+ Poor signal also on Romania SDR in THS no signal in both antennas even if  the PL550 can still  received some signal
11815 while looking for the NHK program I fond only ViT in most of the SEAn kSDRs Quite better signal on Romanian and Zantte GR SDRs
9520  religious station with Hindi prorgasm on 1445  returning back at 1451 there was a Chinese radio station  with 55 db SNR (-81 with Youloop )
7630 V Martyrs at 1503 with S9 on the local kSDR of the town  Also 7665 CNR 1 VOC hammer with S7
6655 and 6675 are heard sin Youloop much better than the local kSDR operators in QSO Also the 6617 Murmansk etal meteo networks

ON 23/12
Testing with Alan Roe’s  Holiday broadcasts : 9580 BBC with news  Signal -44dbm at 1004 Also on 11735 with -65dbm and –56dbm in 11945 all via Thai kSDR and continues with news reports after 1007 referencing to Ukraine
3955  on 18xx only via Twente SDR : Bob splash if any with songs of  60s all Other freqs are off  -60dbm there
1905 on 6070 with WII with Christmas songs , while also watching the news in TV, Stopped listening a few minutes later Song on Ukraine on 1957
2000 again on 6070 with R Tumbril Brian starting with a  pompous semi classical music followed later with jazz Here has nice audio with -60dbm signal but medium fading
7490 WBCQ behavior night Christmas , awaiting a music program but instead it was a standby comedy program

5130 Angela 0320 with Orwelian airwaves then with GMR  not heard in USa but on Canaries SDR instead with -80dbm signal and gradually getting better

13755 RNZI Blue smoke Christmas Special heard in Maui with good signal , in twnte also with good signal and locally near marginal above the local noise Around 0810 There were also noting BBC
6020 Delta radio at 0859 with hotel California , good via Twente > 11750 was not used that time
6095 SE-TA2 at 0906 with songs and fair locally
9455  WRMI  with festival of Chr Music showing 0940 with Hawaiian version  -48 dbm via Louisiana kSDR
11815  for NHK once tested with only some signal trace . After some severe check in various kSDRs this signal was best in Europe featuring TRT Turkish service with clear ID on 1448
6005 R Slovakia holiday programming, 15+ (times unnoticed ) mentioning abt Ukraine Alan Roe Holiday broadcast (!) 
12065 and 9410 BBC WS with message from King Charles on 1505?  Heard best in Kuwait with 9410 poorer
9955 WRMI 1535 with program Festival Chr Music teste in Orlando at -84dbm and on maui with -70dbm Off 1547
9670 for Tumbril ,, no signal in twente!1` , -100 in Wessex and -100 in canaries Another crazy propagation problem
4965 VoHope Afica  heard via TWR S Africa at -45 dbm (near local one of the best receptions for this program so far  Festival of Christian songs or FoCS  ) 1808 wit the german version
9670 R Saudi intl  1903 wit program in Indonesian ad fair signal via twentw 
15770 WRMI  with Texas Christmas at 2100  heard via Rockport with -36dbm on 2143
5850  R Slovakia 22 +  hard wih some STANAG Signal via canaries SDR
12040  AWR triyn again to listen to the festival of Christian songs via various kSDrs in Asia  but unsuccessfully on 22+ Very possible that it could be heard inn Canaries at -90dbm on 2208 but SDR was quite congested showing only half of the signal
7490  WBCQ 22+ with Marrions Attic ina  theatrical  like show   on 2210  Signal in canaries -90 dbm
7770 & 7530  23+z second try but unsuccesful to listen  to the FoCS program Both are  empty…

6020 Delta Radio Intl  – please not DRI this reminds the DRI heavy metal group Dirty rotten imbeciles! – 0933  herd via twente  with nice dance songs 0941 you are in the army now and feliz Navidad n 0946 with fair signal via Twente
6070 Channel 292 , SM radio Dessau  0925 with 25/13  in PL330 with nonstandard po song
9955 WRMI  1415 another best reception for FoCS program but family intensely wanted to see the grandmother Unfortunately scheduled  on 1530   station was off Via Luisiana kSDR ohlala
4965 VoHope 1730 for again FoHS   was he time the family wanted to return abruptly earlier than promised  making the reception /recording via data inside the car in my smartphone but with -75dbm signal and quite noisier and unsuitable for anyone from the family to listen.

Not in the list 
5995 Mali on 1903  with -85 dbm signal QRMed by ALE for short time . One of the very few real indigenous statio from Africa today . Where is Congo 6115?
963 Kuwait via their  local kSDR at 1907 with program in English with political then cultural  news till 1920

3985 R Slovakia via Kall 1832 with ID and program news from the country. Good in Wessex -70dbm