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Logs for 16/4

Mini message to all
Happy Easter to anyone  here. Our easter in Greece as well in the remain orthodox E Europe will be the next week

Via Twente SDR
6085  Mi Amigo  station today has a severe QRM from the CW  operator who ow uses MFSK At 1012  returned back to CW mod with spectral zigzag and CW text
6070 Tumbril  1017 at -70dbm with always nice classical music  
6005 R Slovakia in German in the clear till 1028 when the CW jammer started variable width shifted tones in LSB part only 1 minute before the program IS at 1029 Just look the photo
6055  Evang.Missionsgemeinden in German with religious program  after 1030 signal at -35dbm
6140 R Ukraine via NL , with jazz song at 1050 Signal at -65dbm
11530 heard only Erdoigan in the clear at 1054 No Welat on 11540
11775 NF Denge Welat in with traditional song  with program in Kurmanji with ID in 1059 (lang noticed in the ID )and program schedule . Strong in Twente as locally at -55dbm no signal in Olymp nor in Salonica
17530  CRI? In Vietnamese 1110 with talks pres. news Just -75dbm
13750  Ρ Ρομ Ιντλ 1117 with world of culture The signal of -25dbm is the highest in all the bands
13835 NHK in Korean 1120 to FE with talks  music underground in 1121.-75 dbm signal some local QRM
15320 Ρ Ρομ Ιντλ 1124 talking about radio drama in interests in locals -68dbm
17730 Mizzima Radio at 1130 talk in Burmese with -76dbm signal Poor locally 12dbm SNR   S9 in PHL

9795 FEBC nn Vietnamese , songs 1135 . siren QRM under -65dbm
11775 no Denge Welat there  Just a Chinese feed jammer per eibi
5170U TWN Central Wather Bureau (eibi info )YL with meteo info in CA or Amoy  on1205 mixed with CODAR signal
9835 is still clear 11665 ατ 1155 strong in the band with inner distortions


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