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Logs April 11-14

JUST 1243 with Pontian Greek songs   -50dbm via web Sdr   S9+10 in Thessaloniki, fair  over the noisy place of Litohoron near MT Olymp 32/12 The program continued with traditional songs. Remain program was heard indoors via the Twente SDR but clear audio  Liangas 11/2
GREECE   Very good signal of ERT Voice of Greece in Greek on 9420 kHz via Avlis, April 5:
from 1400 on  9420 AVL 150 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek tx#3 via SDR Szekesfehervar, Hungary

17730   Mizzima  finally heard only via Dubai with S20 signal (-49dbm) Poor in Hungary Also good in my village with max levels close to  to CRI  Liangas 14/4

13190  spur of pres IRIB  in Arabic at 1102 and 1104 Tested in Autria Hungary and Thessaloniki with S9 in all also audible in my village Liangas 14/4
Tarek verified via FB that ViRI is using this frequency instead of 13590
Exactly as it happened with 9130 on B21
It is VOIRI in Arabic …since the start of A22 they had been using that frequency instead of the registered 13590 KHz

Remain logs
9370 Farda radio 1114 unprogrammed trams in eibi noticed in HFCC as USAGM only Nice pop songs with ID at 1115 S29 in Albertirsa poor in Austria ..via Germany?
15770 RAE? 1128  program in English ID after the song then program in French S9 -]]
13264 Shannon  meteo 1131 with weather forecasts
15550 ?? in Korean 1208   with talks  vboice is rather sad. VoMartyrs?
15565 1215 with pop songs VoA in Burmese notice in eibi Strong in Kuwait , not in Hungary
15920 15970 16160 freqs for CNR jammer against SoHope 1220
17490 CGTN  is also well received in Kuwait with S20 sgnal
17860 very good in Dubai S20 signal for Kuwait in Pilipino
In Bandung and Philipines: 
9840 VoVietman is heard well in BD (S10) , poor in PHL (S5)with program in English and news Waterfall shows clear freq in RTMS on 9835
9820 Baibu Bay 1247 program in Vietnamese Good in bandung poor in PHL

7375 NHK  with son dancing queen at 1727 signal 81/10 on PL330 talks in Japanese then again with old pop songs
4010 Kyrgyz radio with just a carrier , no modulation mixed with the high ;local noise at 1718

Few notices for ERT World (slightly updated text fom the WOR post )
This channel is not as new as you can believe . AFAIK it started airing more than 3 weeks ago  replacing a satellite TV channel slot in ERT’s digital TV platform.
As fa as I remember these live streams are available more than two yeas online but hidden from broadcasting A stream IPTV aggregator used them since those old times .
Ertflix today includes not only Ert news but also its second counterpart and the trhei remain twin Sport and World Channels
This news have been announced via the newscasts (ERT or ERT3) last  week as available to the public.

Just notice that ERT is second to Open TV . Open TV adapted their variety program into a 24/7 news program since the start of the war but more recently after the 4th week they gradually reverted back to their original format.
They were  awarded by  the  highest audience
ERT did the same but returned earlier in their standard program roughly the same time their  news channels was in the air.
I intensely called ERT but they asked me to find out a service that seems unreachable  
I m open to any comments on this subject . This is my personal view and memory


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