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6300? 6350? tested via Maui at 0830 with no signal and again 29/4 at 0800cvia both maui and N Eire  no signal .

via Hungary hg5accz as Albertirsa is off
9420  VoG is now without any QRM from CNR13   at 1233 and with S20 signal at surely CNR 13 is now off that time Also on Romanian ham society’s kiwi in Bucharest with S15
11775 again hearing only Erdoğan instead of welat at 1235  Instead in Cyprus Welat is heard in the clear at S20 !
17625 Holy Quran S Arabia with priest chanting 1357. this is their last week prior to Eid ul Fitr that will happen in 2-3 May at 1300 with ID mentioning Kuran al Karim followed with news

Via Bandung  INS
7688 CUSB 1311 YL  with encoded number texts -100dbm sighal
9390  R Thailand in Indonesians  13xx3 quite clear audio and good signal at S20 , theme in Thailand and Taiwan anugerah
4750 Vo Indonesia 1341 with clear ID in Chinese mixed with Bangladesh  Betar


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