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Logs for 19/3

5940 IRF in German Good signal in Warsaw S9+20 , -75dbm in Salonica 232x6kHz wide signal  News program Europajourmal  then immediate Soff
6000 NHK in Japanese at only -55dbm max in my SDR Have seen up to 100/25 signal in my PL330 otherwise
6025 SNR Tiganesti E2 in DMR B is heard with 13.4 db SNR  and xzero bad frames  bitrate at 11.64 kbps AAC mono  Program in French with rather poor audio ID at 1730 A classic piano player
6060 IRIB at 1732 with a good carrier at -65dbm very poor audio /mod at -96dbm as calculated by SDR and French program

More logs made with my SDR in the centre of Salonica
Just raised a new 15 m wire over the roof for better reception while keeping also the previous antenna for comparisons . the result was with same SNR levels

5980 R Bir (1 ) from TRT with IF on 1802 -54 dbm
6140 no trace here from R Onda at 1804 . good signal in twente
7350 RRA Tiganesti E2 channel in DRM mode 19 kHz wide   16 dbm SNR max 1820
8233 Kontayner off at 1823 with 40 db SNR
8992 RAF with encoded tyexts at 1302
9630 CNR 17 Kazakh at 1400 with ID hymn ( the east is read) is mixed with another station
9635 Ndarason at 1830 with hilife songs  at-82dbm Found 1854 with program in French . Heard ID at the end of the prgoram then signed off
9645 Cri in French with signal -71dbm then airing a Japanese song
13020 CNR hammer 1210 at S2 also 13120 S9
13024  ? Shannon meteo? 1313 meteo
13527.6 marker A or -.. 1314
13600 R Farda 1315  with 6.5 kHz wide audio with songs and -76dbm
15740 BBC 518 with ID  and program newshour signal 072dbm poss towards Ukraine
15920 CNR hammer 1322 with talks Also on 16100


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