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k+SDR Logs of 17/3

Please Visit my focus on Ukraine update of CDIDX :

The below are from Plonsk SDR
6398AM  over loaded Russian music at 1845 Ace of spades song at 1846 Signal format reminds me of WMR with higher modulation  on LSB and bad reception on SSB -63dbm /S10
Also on 4798!! -63/\\\S10
6140 BBC ιn Farsi with  talks 1855 -dbm

4895  Mongol radio 0945 tested in the three kSDRs near Mongolia ie  Novosibirsk Irkutsk and Novokuzneck with signals to max S9 but with low modulation. Its required to us SSB only to listen, Seems as sermon or teaching
Visit my focus on Ukraine update of CDIDX :

Checking UKR radios Via Albertirsa
549 no signal
648 also very poor signal 1829  in
657 Rai Italy S9 1833
810 very  poor signal . can’t ID 1900
837 UK1? supposedly , continuous mentions ok UK 1905
1404  mixed Romania with ??
1413 Vesti MOL , 1907 in Russian S9+20 ion UKR crisis

792 Dechovka German style songs S7

VoIran  5830 is mixed with a multicarrier CIS type signal Sudden stop of this signal 1843 and back after one minute
6205 mike radio at 1427 with ID and very good modulation at S9 mentioning tat program is for Ukraine 
6266 another pirate at S6 only with pop songs
6255 VoPeople> NKor 1852  talks I Korean S9
4625 Buzzer is again once QRMed with music 1903

With my SDR with 10 m wire antenna
All these are posted in extreme SW listening FCB group with pictures
6617 Mrmansk Meteo  using m PC in the centre of the city at 1838 with -96dbm signal
9620  AIR  at 1902 with hindi songs Presume English program -80dbm
7485 BBC via Spore  1856   at-76dbm signal is mixed with two FSK signals: 7483 at -100dbm ans 7480.7 low FSK  at -75  dbm
7055 Operators using music 1847  , mixed with digital signals
One minute red
Immediate after with «i will always love you» song
6676 mysterious digital signal 1841 Audio for you to listen


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