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Various  logs for 22/3

QTH Thessaloniki
Antennas mix of 10+15 m as random dipole , near parallel cagbles
Visit my focus on Ukraine update of CDIDX :  

18970   CNR hammer 1033 is with -63sbm  signal !!!  Also on 21530 with -75dbm max  and on 16100 with -75/110dbm
11540 Denge Welat alone on 1050 Erdogan is back after 1100 Seen QRM on 1110  There si some minimal spur on 11490
15285 for Denge Welat the signal is just a trace comparing  to the strong NHK and RFI in the nearby frequencies
9420  there was a carrier  since the 09xx times with fading of around 25 dbm   as could  be  show in the spectrum monitor  Also S10 in Albeltirsa Still funny to continue as signal on 1101 At 1200 Xinjiang is here underneath At 1331 no signal but only CNR12 on /-72dbm
13795  CNR 1 1130  hammer against Air with  ID As CNR1 -68dbm at max  Also CRI on 13770 CNR 7 in Cantonese with -80dbm max
9535  supp Apsua radio 1202   talks in  Russian 29 max db harsh router SNR  at -80dbm ID ar 1214 heard Lang seems as Turkic as tested via Albeltirsa > Govorot Sukhum in Russian at 1215
15800  CNR hammer 1334 against SoHope with -78dbm  43 SNR max signal fast and funny alks by man
15770  Tumbril via WRMI 1350 tested with 110 dbm signal or just 20 db SNR I was in // with Hungary SDR listening to the program as with BBC which  has better reception at -80dbm but this S7/3 SNR is much more clear than mine local Nice classical music
11815,72 TRT thanks to Ivo for the log,  with signal up to -57dbm at 1609 with news on Erdogans speech by YL slow fading of “20 db mountains on a 300 seconds listening “


15730 BBC in English towards UKR /RU 1327  At 1330 BBC News Hour  -78dbm  here but -55via Hungary Also on 1414
13730 ORF in German 1119 with 5.4 kHz wide audio with -55 dbm . Most info on German abt the Ukrainian crisis and on pandemic also on 1145 on pandemic .  On 1153 the English program started one minute later Signal slowly faded down to -90at 1157 NF -110 dbm
5010 RUI via WRMI  as heard via kSDR in Florida in  Ukrainian language  talks S9+20  with steady signal  Continuous talks  and reports in UKr mentioning on BLR and Lukashenko one of the interviewees is called Kavalievsky  At program end mentions of Armya  and on 1259  This is WRMI . 1300 with audio clip  from Spiral of Vangelis
5940 nothing for ORF
9370 Also nothing for Liberty in Russia on 1900 But on 1906 with -60dbm signal

And a few logs testing the Youloop antenna logged and typed live in the laptop with one finger  while trying same time to nulling out the noise  by turning the antenna clock- or counter clockwise

8300 operators talking 1735   ??dbm
7600 VO Afghanistan with talks -98 dbm 1717 talx
7055 talks at -113 dbm  at 1720
6980 Russian talks 1722 at only -116 dbm
6635 Greeks QSOing but someone was playing also  music a1726 ++
9940 Cairo with FM-ish modulation -85dbm 1733
4495 Greek QSO 1741 95 dbm -120 also on 1738
3275 Greek QSO 1743 good
730  TRT with song 1745

This antenna requires a good plastic or PVC mast around 2-2.5, meters length with some spreaders to support the balun and the top part of the cable.
I Used just a coat hanger and  supported it under a thick galvanized wire fir drying wet clothes on the verandah.  Just look the photo Unfortunately the house is full of metal end effects the reception or the nulls .

A morning photo on testing the original Youloop antenna on he hanger which is hung on the dress hang wire.

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