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The 6300U quiz

Tarek Zeidan advised me that the language of audio files noted in my previous message are in Gulf Arabic .(see italics text in the bottom )
Checked also on Kuwait kSDRs  for no signal on 26.2

The  6300u kHZ  quiz on 26.2 via the Maui kSDR  at S7 gives the best reception among  W Ireland kSDR ( S3) and Upper Hutt in  NZ (S7/5 )
Sermon was live on 0805z tune in , continued till 0821 Talks started immediately after for more than 30 minutes till i stopped listening.  
recordings: in directory with mp4 format files and 15 minute waterfall:

28.3 it was  again live with same level in Maui but short timed discussions .Check also on 2.3
 Original 26.2 log edited:
This is my first time logged this mystery signal. Tested via …Eire nearby Enniscrone (used the as to identify the place )  Castlebar and on … Maui Hawaii  , listening to an Quranic priest on 0805
No signal has in SJapan  , Thailand, Delhi , UK etc kSDSRs
Short talks after the  sermon in language that NOT INDONESIA as others noticed in the WOR group but seems closer to HoA format  in my ears .I know well Malay  or Indonesian . This language is totally different

WMA recordings form both sites


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