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Various Sw news for today 26/2

7050 7055 7060 7070 7081 are few of the frequencies heard  this Saturday 26/2 with discussions between Russian operators that are out of ham radio matters Heard them after 0630z   
Virtual folder link:
The three  first  links REC14-16  are recordings during band scanning.
The last REC17 is a transmission on 5050  with someone calling ‘kuchim hojwa ‘ on 7050 on 0645

15285 Saudi Radio Intl 0650  with talks In Indonesian instead of Swahii as noticed  per eibi  Tune in again 0654 with Arabic song then sudden sign off 0655
1540 KREA 1540 via  Maui kSDR  with S9 (-75) many clips , poss averts or IDs  Education Hawaii  advert at 055 as per mwlist
Audio clip:

Once again tested today the 6300 quiz via the Maui kSDR  at S7 which gives the best reception among  W Ireland kSDR ( S3) and Upper Hutt in  NZ (S7/5 )
Sermon was live on 0805z tune in , continued till 0821 Talks started immediately and passed the 0850 when I stopped listening. 
Todays recordings: in directory with mp4 format files and 15 minute waterfall:
Tarek Zeidan advised me that the language of audio files noted in my previous message are in Gulf Arabic .
Checked also on kuwait kSDRs  for no signal…
MY previous message for the 6300 case
This is my first time logged this mystery signal. Tested via …Eire nearby Enniscrone (used the as to identify the place )  Castlebar and on … Maui Hawaii  , listening to an Quranic priest on 0805
In several oter outets as SJapan  , Thailand, Delhi , UK etc there so signal was found
On the end of the sermon there was a short talk by an unIDed language that is clearly NOT INDONESIA but seems closer to HoA format  in my ears . I know this language well to not ID even a word. Heard more than 3 times my recordings and  the audio files of the previous postings
My recordings in WMA format
from both sites

WEB SDR site was off for unknown time at around

«CANNOT LOAD THE PAGE» is shown in the above picture

For more than 4 days this week the site was heavily loaded with more than 750uses In order to get connected you had to reload the page several times
A good alternative page with limited bandwidth and users ( Poland wSDR )

Later at 17z the site is again OK wirhmore than 1500 users  . twente seems to udate their system,



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