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Thai station remote logs in MW

All stations tentative checked via

5/3 via Tha Mai kSDR close to Pattaya

1269 Khor. Sor. Thor. Bor. BKK Radio Nice rock songs n 1943 and good signal
999 Samut Sakhon with semi traditional songs 1950 with signal S9 or -73dbm
945 Thor Or 01 Bangkok 1952 with morlam style song 1953 S9 signal followed by talx by male speaker ‘kuam rangrui’ impressive way of speaking
792 Wor. Por. Thor. Bangkok with a style of Lukthung S10 or neatly -65dbm

6/3 via two kSDRs in Bangkok

540 Yaan Kraw haa-sii-suun BKK 1740 some with talks and cocks shouting continuously . I don’t understand but seems as  like Christian sermon . Buzz at 80 Hz in both sidebands S9+40
600 Phon Por. Tor. Or. BKK 1745 sounds as Viet aand seems as advert mor lam type song
675 Sor. Thor. Ror. 2 BKK 1748 with phone ins and lauhs  -37dbm
792 Sor. Thor. Ror. BKK  2 1754 mor lam song devilwasan by busaya -43 dbm
945 Thor. Phor. Song Kalasin  400km NE  faar from Bangkok 1756 with mor lam song – ‘unshazamable’ -65dbm
1053 Mor. Thor. Bor. Sip-Et 11 BKK with very low power just -60dbm mixed talks and mor lam songs 
1269 Khor. Sor. Thor. Bor. BKK Radio   with song “Thimi here  – Phai “ Phongsathorn”  on 1908 .  Later re-tune in with pop song Special attention /Luktan R Siam at 1929  -57dbm Continuous music after I then left this station to play a few songs with external speaker . They were very calming near armchair reception with some noise.  


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