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kSDR logs for 22/2


5055 4KZ pop song on the 0858 , several IDs and news by woman . cia Brisbane kSDR S9/7 full of static Off after 0503?
5040 R Vanuatu with outdoor addressing and discussions between women  many others 0905 in Bislama mixed with English – picture , thank you establish etc
6520 6600 VoPeople 0910 good at S10 but jammed by North Korean
11725  RNZI with news 0917 with sports news not heard in Thailand nor in Bandung
17490 CRI in English heard fair at S7 in the thai kSDR
11620 the old house of AIR is also used by he CNR cross country radio. At 0939 with nice pop song sung by guy (via Brisbane ) Talks on 0947 Suddenoff at 1000
17630 R Thailand 1019 with program in Thai woman talking over jazz music . Poor in Salonica , better in France and Hungary 

9835  and 11665  RTM heard poorly in both Au kSDR Rotorua NZL and Thailand as PHL was that time full , best signal was in Bandung . RTMS is with oldies and heard as QStereo in SAS/QAM modes. Local in wai FM
Ther is some overloading with sound reduplication on 11665 herd also on the Philippines SDR

Web SDR seems today off for unknown  time tried around 1645 and worked great with limited population of 250 users

7570 V o Korea at 1705 transmits two different audios of Korean program The one is with hymns the other with Korean talks. Possible problem with the magnetic reels…  -75dbm
5140 Charleston Intl 1715 with -80dbm with typical songs of 50s at -80dbm
4750 Bangladesh Betar 1722 with old Hindi or Bangla songs -88dbm but quite noisy.At 1730 with carrier and 1 kHZ tone There is also a wideband noise with 50 kHZ bandwidth and recurring nearly every two minutes for 20 seconds . – choked with my watch 


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