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News of 23/2

Further to Ivo’s tip on 23/2:
0700-1400 on 15285 SCB 050 kW / 126 deg to N/ME Kurdish via Media Broadcast broker
Welat is on 11540 on 23/2 at 0815 with
S20 in Dubai in// 15285 at S8 with QSB
In THS at S20 / nil respectively (=Bulgaria?)
In mount Olymp signals are 29/16 and nil respectively

Bandung SDR
RTM-S is heard  on 0924 an shown with great SNR   at 35+ for the Wai 11665 (S10/4 with 30 db fades ) and up tp 40 for 9835 (9/3 with 20 db fades). airing a Hindi song that time and Gelora of P Ramlee (the national singer of Msia )on 0927 then with more carnival songs together with female speakers talks and on 0945 with Uji’s hari raya song (for Ramadan) and Broery as next.

9820 CNR starting in a sudden at 0946 with S9 signal peak -67
9840  VoV started wioth carrier at 0947

SoH is clearly heard with ID at the top pf hour especially on the above 14 mHz as 14635 14690 14850 At 14980 and 14920 re covered by CNR hammers

9-12 non broadcast bands full of SSB
Part of the band is full or radio amateurs or people using personal radio nets to communicate with their reps . This is my guess as it was a real personal story I was in Nigeria on 90-91 . The headquarters of the company in Lagos used ham systems to communicate with their reps throughout the country. Mr Chris a Greek man in living in Zaria  a village around 100 km from borders with Niger shown me the sytem they used to communicate by tuning  to a freq below the 9.5mHz he didn’t care if the frequency weas not properly tuned..
Look at this album:

in case the photos cant be shown here is the link for reach

Many rubbers/resellers  of used copper in the area nearby  cutting the telephone communication lines were the main reason private companies  preferred to use ham systems for intercommunication


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