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Mix logs in MW and SW (two stations were s. off? )

Cyprus case :
603 RIK#3 , with songs of 50-70s on 13z+ and advert on 1330 and ID on1333 as Trito It was supp off duty as noted in a newsletter but info is wrong ( Liangas 21/2)
630 TRT 1 many mentions on Turkey 1358 and commercials Radio 1 ID in Turkish at 1400 talks or news S8( Liangas 21/2)
963 RIK 1 1405 with news Cypriot Greek and international. Weather 1407 ID program «forever together» Also on 97.2FM as noticed -65 dbm S10+4db( Liangas 21/2)

Hungary case 540kHz
Just tested 1703z  20/2 in both locally and via two kSDRs with good signal 
As far as I know they get off around 22z. leaving Spain in the frequency( Liangas 21/2)

7110 R Ethiopia 1415 nearly marginal above the noise with talks Good modulation saves reception. Audible only with earphone
Better via Kuwait with $9/7 with pop-afro ,not afropop Also 6110 poss Fana and 6090 ( Liangas 21/2)

Today 21-2
5995 Mali 0625+ with traditional tunes. At 38/32 S/N level as shown in  my PL330 that means a Quite marginal to very poor signal . Someone switched on the light introducing more noise. After the light switched off 4 mins later the signal was lost in the standard noise
First time logging them live in my new place (Liangas Feb 21 Olympus mountain)


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