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Logs a new 3×9 antenna

Testing a new antenna of 3x9m Guess its type ! 
7415 CRI in Eng 2102 with news them e on crypto currency ON 7416 with RTTY IDling 2×8 khz
7445  CRI talks in Russian 2259  , No clear ID on 2100 then slow music -55dbm
7600 Firedragon -81dbm 2057
11610 CNR 2108 talks -65/120dbm
11650 RRom intl 2110 on the Ryan Air and Stoletenberg  prg ins panish -87/130 QRM from 11660
11660 CRI 2110 talks on electronic ???
11810 & 12095 BBC with political talks
15130 NHK 2048  with talks in JJ 2057 back tune with news in JJ -58dbm
15520 REE 2047 phone ins in Spanish -71dbm
15770 WRMI 2045 man talking on barious fast food products , search to destroy and kill signal very good as -73
15790  WMR  at-95dbm   at2044  with hop htop song
15825 WWCR 2046 with also nice signal at -84/120dbm

Stopped using that and returned back to 2×16  Some signals missed from the other antenna
6290 K1 ?? 2119 with oldies -98dbm
6655  French pirate 2120 Also on the 6670 with an italian LSB
6825 very possibly FAV in morse with VVVs 2125 with -85dbm
6853 operator in Spanish -110dbm
6985 The vault as usual  old songs 2127 -100dbm
15370 RHC in very poor and dull audio -90dbm less than telephonic audio

The MW part was noticed by separate email with logs for ESC 21
Carriers on 1557 and 1323 at 19z) . 1431 for the local Polytech station


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