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Logs 22/5 with IcomR75

Very strong noise across the 8-11 MHZ band in addition to the DSL’s 3-5 MHz

17530 VoA in an afro language with max S4 but mean signal at S1 and co ch QRM
17640 BBC WS at 1659 with ID S5 max
15615 at 1700 with news in English about Ghaza and Biden  Also mentioning the fires near Athens . Notice that is rumored tis green filed to be converted into a PV farm
11945 NHK 1705 in Japenese with old songs . an anthem style English song of te 50s S20
6693 1714 with meteo in Russian no S signal in he VU meter 1451 ended
6520 at S7 max //6600 at S7 on 1715 mixed strongly with Korena Hammer
15245 VoK is back at 1722 man (not the usual ) with talks speaking relatively fast then a opera song S3 only
15460 1725 program in English . religious??
15520 REE airing the match with real Madrid at 1731 with a goal that made the speaker running his mouth from pride ! this was an exceptional feel hearing him jumping from happiness as we call this feeling
15620 VoA 1734 in pres Oromo with Horn of Africa songs mentioning Washington at 1758 mixed with another transmission from VoA There is also a carrier on LSB
11630 CNR17 is now the only long time station for ‘beacon’  listening after the cursing noise over the band that kills nearly most signals in the band at S7 level
9749.85 Kuwait is one of the few stations that ca be heard relatively clear over the noise at 1745 this time man praying S9+10

The MW part was noticed by separate email with ESC 21
IN addition 1555 and 1324 were with just carriers (19z) . 1341 was also in dummy mode


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