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Monitoring 4/6

….with SDRplay and vacant DSL on 9 MHZ

531 Algerie 2156 nice guitar music , ID at the ToH hen with news in Arabic. -75dbm

6050 nice to listen again ithat freq from Xizang PBS after nearly 3 weeks (?) -66/115dbm 2*7.5kHZ wide
6265 Cupid radio 2129 with disco songs at -86/115dbm
6280 KR1 at2130 with western rock song with-94dbm
6666U talk in Arabic 2211 HFDL codes -85/120dbm
6676U BKK meteo , weather forecasts -95
6989.66 just a carrier in a frew that is used bya slow pulsed  OTHR
7600 CNR hammer 2136 in the clear QRMed with a OTHR signal 2×8 kHz wide audio -841dbm with mice pop or slow songs
8964 Kontayner OTHR at 10 kHZ wide -95dbm
9330 WBCQ  -82dbm program in german -83/120dbm
9344 CW mode with header “..— ….. —- ….-“ in slow mode then increased its speed to arou nd doble but still in VVV mode -83dbm
9420## VOG is now boomed at -54dbm but with overloaded sond even the modulation is quite low
9620 RRI tiganseti E1 at -95/115dbm is restively fair to be decoded with 1/1 god /bad packets . Spanish program signal is 17.5 db in SMR
9685 CNR /CRI 2154 with a nice song of the 80s
9820 CNR2 2103 adverts mixed with nice soft mellow music -765dbm There is not any trace from R9/7 from Brazil
9830 CNR1 2105 just marginal -100dbm
9875 VOT 2106 funny rock music with accordion ID this is the V of Turkey and songs continue -73dbm at max
9920 R Thailand 2110 with talk in Thai that seems as Viet -65dbm
9930 V Iran 2111 at -85dbm and talks in Farsi a bit poor pver the -120 dbm hardsh noise
10205 Konayner 2112 at-110 dbm just 8-12db above the noise
10520U QSos in arabic 2113 in USB ‘medkur ‘ -93dbm Something rare to listen to that freq that time
11253 Shannon Volmet 2116 with meteo and visibility program -95/120dbm
11600## CNR jammer at -76dbm as noticed in eibi Thre is a FSK signal at 11598 mostly idling at 50 Hz
13840 NRZI? There is a signal of just -107/125sbm at 2218  


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