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Logs of 20-1/5 w R75

A few bandscan logs as made with the R75 Just to replay a radio that has not been used of 2 years !!
##: posted in FCB groups with video or photo

1197 ??? 1907 just carrier with 1 kHz pilot S8
810 MRT Skopje the only station that aired uerovision song contest in the MW band

6045 ?? 1919  music and buzz  S5
6985  The vault  1940 with various nice song of older times , S5 max
6865 CNR? 2000 with news in CC and S5 in // 7600  at S9 in synchro later at 2021 with nice CC mellow songs
6070 R292 2036 with old rocks S9
6250## VoPeople or same 2039 is heard fair over the NK hammer with talks
15770 WRMI 2041 with program in French S9
15875 WWCR 2043 with religious program S7
7070 Kontayner OTHR at 2046

531 R Algeria 1922 with news in English about a campaign Just S1 to max S3
1242 1931 with Arabic music S2  Oman sultanate per mwlist org
1431 Vesti FM with ID at 1932
1566 two greek pirates mixed in the same freq 1933
1620 greek pirate with  test transmission  airing old songs S8
1765 Slavic pirate with S3 max signal 1948
1530 RRActualitata 1951 mentioning radio Chişinau with news S7


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