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13+ 14 /3 monitoring

[non+]broadcasting logs plus 3 interesting nonstandard broadcasters in march 14th

March 13

9870 IRIN 1551 with long IS reel 1552 ID with then wti program in Turkish 1555 with man with quranic chants -50dbm
9890# CNR13 at 1555 has a marvelous audio near HIfi at -57dbm!!! And 7.5kHz A nice song very good also at -65 at 1800 in //9420
11630 at 1600 posibly TDF in DRM mode Signal  -82  dbm
11610 VoA noticed  1602 with program in somali . Mentions of Jesus . Somali Ethiopia Belka musi NZ etc -49dbm
11645 VoK 1605 with typical Koran operas , man mentioning in English  on the sogn of Kim Jong Il with another opera song following -70dbm
11680 Pyongyang Pangsong 1612 operas -85dbm
11695 radio Farda 1615 in Farsi too many times IDing 161514 starting song  program -73dbm
11859.962  Yemen 1617 at only -81 dbm mixed with another station with talks barely heard There is another  station on exact 11860
11175 AFN 1735 with encoded text using IPA cide with -80dbm
11279 QSOs in USB using Eng
15018# centered  1738 a fast seeming as old CIS mode FSK of nearly 75bd with 800 HZ width -71/130dbm
15770# Supreme Master TV with self advert  reel 1743 with -71dbm
15825# WWCR 1743 adventures , fifty mysteries , we stand our word anality(?) dot com
15034# Trenton volmet 1751 with meteo modes -100/125
15140 RHC 1754gracias per la sintonia RHC ID “coredo el mundo “ -85dbm
9765 NHK 1804 with talks in Japanese -52dbm that ens it tansmited via Euope (eibi shows Nauen )
7570.1 VOK 1811 with English program with news , national ecomony VOK FSK ode at 300 Hz USB
4777.7 USB seems possibly as Portuguese


1650.33 geek pirate kinigimenos 1955 checking his signal -76
1660  counts and testing his transmitter , sx 1956 -59
1680 two stations , the one QSoing and the other testing . total synchro
1690 QSO -75sbm 1957
1740 Greek pirate with -90dbm and QSB
1760 QSO 1958

March 14

6184 very fast FSK in mono carrier … -94dbm  0954
6163.9 75 bd FSK center with -95dbm
6190 Marconi with its full IS reel in various languages including German with short music feelers . 0940 seem starting using a YL talking . Signal is too poor to get the text with just-104  as noticed in the scope with nearly no fading for more than 4 minutes “I love rock n roll” song at 0943 Signal increased a bit at -95dbm at 0944
6132.5 STANAG 4825 at 600 bd -100
7221 Kontayner OTHR of 15 kHZ wide 1013 with -102dbm
6665 Greek operators discussing in radio tech -90dbm  

7700$$ FRS Holland was not received here on 0900 neither on 5790 nor 5920 as far as I tested also on 1000+ In contrast I have made some tests in websdr with good , far and poor reception respectively on 0930  as per recording to them

3920$$ Radio Classic Gold instead of FRS as heard in TPOT kSDR at 1110+ with rock songs and other slow ,

6070.0 SMR Radio Dessau ?? In German 1210 with traffic news and other news . mentioning Athens with -65 dbm signal Fair sound at 2x4kHz wide filter ID at 1224 All hit at 1125 . talks in electric storms in roads (? As far as I undstnd ) Long discussions on 1230 and then . First logged from the web sdr and immediately tested in my SDR stopping the remote reception for better audio 1259*

7727 V marker in morse at -100dbm at 1300
7665 CNR jammer against SOH 1505 -76dbm

Legend: $$ reception with remote kiwi SDR
## photo or video posted in selected facebook sites


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