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Monitoring 18/3

More general broadcast and non logs plus a analytical report for the new in shortwave CNR7

3955 R292 1738 with pop songs -60/95dbm
4010 1inchi KGZ 1736 with Turkic music . Modulation is rather poor just shown in the sonogram of a 45 dbm RSM signal
4031 V marker up to -60dbm 1735 singal
5800 WRMI with-82/100dbm signal , just poor tlak level
5990 R Romania 1800 with Romanian program -76dbm
5995 Dardarsha 1750 in Arabic , flutes at 1757 then talks in Arabic ID at 1759 -75dbm
6000 mixed program with N Korean jammer at-85dbm noting is heard at 1752
6010 CRI in Amoy -55dbm at 1801 refering to Hong Kong

6070# 1920 religious program by man Xl responding with yes sir-85dbm who the took the discussion Rock song after 1930  *5dbm There is a mysterious busser if 2,5 kHZ wide at the lower side of the band  well annoying the signal “Jut right” noticed in their side Also the Texas ogn awaited program on 1934 advertisement  

At 1936  is down !

6090 Amara radio 1733 man with talks in Ethiopian -80dbm
6180# FEBA in Somali 1730 signal -72/100dbm only with low modulation
6211  QSOs on USB in ?? lang -85dbm 1804
6280#V  spur an mixing  product with two signals Please watch!
6645 1703 another QSO 17xx
6650 net with frnch operators 1702
6655 an other net but very low signal 17xx
6675 6665 6685 two nets with geek operators 1701
6676  meteo 17xx
6693 Meteo in Russian 1717
6754 Trenton Volmet 2328 with meteo -100dbm
6826 taks with signals just -90/105 noisein the band 1727
6940 Loran transmission till 1728 15 kHz wide
7093Kontaqyner -91dbm  2328 Also 6376at -100dbm 2330 and 7710 -104dbm
9630 CNR17 1754  with ‘good’ -67dbm and interesting ‘pop’  music
9665 r Voz Missionaria 2046 chants or songs -90dbm
11770 unINed 2049  with talk sin afro language then signed of abruptly Back 205240 with -85dbm signal Very possible to be Nigeria
15190$$ Incofidencia 2125 with poor signal (S3) via te emerald SDr in Eire

Special report for CNR7

9570$$  Reception in the home is nearly the same as with the center of the city. The signal is -90dbm max on 18th fading down to -105 dbm . marti has been found on 2110 on 9565 QRMing them . Signal of CNR 7 was stil all the time quite low at -90 which could not faded more up
For this reason i again tied to remotte DX via a Russain kSdr for better sound and signal The program Consisted as with the previous days with nice chinese songs.
Changed later to theNetherlands kSDR at  PS5MB in Etten  Its fadfing patern is quite different than here At 2134 the signal in my home is totally faded out.
Also checked in Poland with S40 signal at 22+ the signal gradually faded down

On the  morning freq at 13810 te signal is -85 with signal of 2x 5.1 kHz with ID as Taiwan etc using Cantonese as far as I understand . There is wandering buzzer passing every 2 minutes nearby and on the frequency Please look in this Video
Later 1245 with a -94/110 dbm signal (faded down )
Ther are screenshots and videos in two facebook groups

On the  morning freq at 13810 (19.3) the signal is -85/110dbm with bandwidth of only of 2x 5.1 kHz with ID as Taiwan etc using Cantonese as far as I understand . There is wandering buzzer to pass every 2 minutes nearby and on the frequency Video

MW band with Greek pirate logs

1602 Greg with short interlude of western music , continues with oldies -55dbm and dance music
1008 ERA 2042   a discussion program . -59 dbm in a cultural program
1565 instead of 1566 a Greek pirate with folx sonx -63dbm

##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube


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