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Monitoring 11/3/21

series of various ute and SW logs

March 11/3/21

4800 CNR1 with nice Chinese song 2119 with -70dbm msx and 20 db depth

4875 Mystery 21 2145 with pops poss ID 2145  -82/105dbm

5140 Charleston 2124  with a song of 50s that I sure it is also Greek

5600 someone in USB with Italian lang -87dbm another in 5650 with USB  also on 5650and 5670 (Flight 470)

5775 cw marker 1834

6212 heavy talks in poss. NL & 6120 USB random 1825

6280 pirate with mysterious music then lots of talk iin seem Hollandic 1821 off -90dbn transmission problem with only USB audio (not on LSB ) Also 6285 another at-103 marginal

6336 Kontayner 1818 -91dbm with 15 kHz spread

6568 USB talks by various 1816 in rather RU orslavic -90dbm

6607 the signal from 4XZ  with CW is very poor  at-95

6617 at2106 with -90dbm signal meteo in Russian

6617 murmansk 2058 with carrier/usb -87/110 dbm with meteo 210015 off as 6604 Gander

6617 talk by OM on 1811 -92dbm poss not Murmansk iebi notice St petersbug

6622 YL voice in USB

6628 operator 2103 in USB in Eng -100dbm 310???  Santa maria noticed

6637 sporadic one way talks by OM 1813 LSB -110dbm

6995 Kontayner -80dbm  15 khz wide IN the same freq Off 1804 a amature network with -0dbm after that is herd clearly

7520 CNR ‘CFM’ Hong Kong  2157 with adverts -67dbm off 2200

7570.115 VOK with ID in Spanish on 2200 -2201 with then natl hymn and after he ??? with a new hymn

9675 national hymn 2055 , then signal 1kHZ then S off -70/100 dbm , Saudi Arabic in Turkish

9765 VoA with ID 2037  with program in Hausa , mainly talks reference to Corona longs reports . signal max -60/110dbm

9810 RFI 1829 with -70/110dbm signal that lowered to -90pn 1854 A few times with ID

9830 DW in Hausa 1847 with -65dbm with talks

9855 NF? 2042 NHK with talsk in French with-60/100dbm signal ref to Canada unusure if there are sudden audio stops of abrupt Short talks by a Chinese

1611 Argyris Alitis 2209 paying his last songs before SK -66dbm


##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube


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