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Logs for 4-6

A lit of MW logs plus a new tip on 6th with CNR13

Semi Dx MW Logs on March 4th

……using PL380 and trying to take the best position to remove the stronger signal ..

549 removing the quite string  Ukrainian station and hearing another Slavic playing a classical music 2039 >>> Slovenia?

576 Radio 5 Spain at  2030 with clock sound then with news ROck song at 2035 Inte frequency there is Horizont dominating the frequency with ID at 2051

585 Arabic station poss Kairo at 2035 with Arabic songs of 70s Fair >>S Arabia?

585 Spanish with sports program and mentioning corner at2105

585 with rather Turkic or Farsi type of songs 2108

612 Arabic chants 2117 there is some QRM Morocco?

648 a Germanic style of song followed by several more Slavic language songs at 2129 with fair signal. Poss radio Murski

774 Arabic songs of the past 2150 ID as al kahira (ERTU )

792 Dechovka 2200 with typical songs of the  region below fair

March 5

15030   tlks in Swahili by AIR 1238 with a song that a traditional Hindi Sound is rather overmodulated -90dbm

14900 CNR1 with man reading number at 1240 Nice and clear signal at -82dbm  and 2×8 KHZ audio filter Also on 14430 with same signal Jammer against te SoH

11318 meteo newsletters 1245 in russian

15140 RHCuba with talks in Spanish 1254 most by YM -90/-130dbm

15295 CNR again 1256 with -85dbm as the remain jammer signals and with2x8 kHz wide Stopped exactly 1300

15825 WWCR with -71bdm signal , religious items 1302

7665 CNR 1516 talks refering to Moscow -66dbm mixed  with a stanag signal

15580 VoA va BOtswana 1527freuqncues fir ZWE and video stream , how ou listen to the show , a few local TV channels and on  satellite .. 04266456 odder crossings. Slow pop song then

15550 Dabanga 1535 with talk in arabic with signal only -95dbm

15460  Hausa  with signal -68dbm talx , overmoded , with noise QRM (?)

6676 gander vomlet -103dbm 1542

6660L operators in russain   Also on 6650 1545

6574.5U talx in arabic at 1719 -100dbm mean levels

3940 Mike  radio ? 1747 with -65dbm signal and ‘mysterious’ ballads . tyis reminded me some turkic music kinds at first but seems Mike is back here more accrate listening rpovced this is rather 18+

7475 Ρ Tailand program in German 2007 Audio gaps  f 10 secs in between sentences -76dbm


15390 CNR13 at 0920 instead  of the Uighur program there is a chinese progam At   0934 is noted in the ID as “Zhongyang ren min guang bo dian tai minzu guangbo” the same ID as in the 1500 times  A short video here :

Width: 2x8kHz

After 1000 back to the main program in Uighur

12133U E07a man with 5fgs 0926 -94/115dbm  with 3.5 kHz wide audio Too long to listen to a spy station

21670 Saudi international 1140 today their signal is very good at -90/130dbm But on 1145 some BPL crashes noises started to annoy the signal


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