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Logs for March 3+4

ON march 4 ERA is back Interesting logs from all over the bands

March 3

6045 KBS 0725 with phone ins -76dbm

7345 R Rom iNtl signing off 0727 after the IS -80dbm

9710   0728 talk in afro lang outdoor recordings -80dbm RFI Bambara

9790 RFI 0735 reports from Africa -75dbm

11253 RAF  Volmet 0737 with meteos too poor at -93/120dbm with signal up tp -73 at 0751

17490 CRI today is very poor at -110/140dbm

17630 RHC? Revolutionary talks in Venezuela and monarchies

15255 1308 in a Hindi language with-85/120dbm signal

15770 WRMI 1311 with a religious program mentioning Abraham -86dbm

15745 CNR 1322  with phone in talks -82dbm Jammer against the RFA

9830 DW in Hausa but there is a buzzing  audio with a signal of -60dbm 2 sec s off at 1329.40

9315  RFA in Tibetan at 1551 with -65dbm

6195 BBC in Farsi 1610 talk on the corona dunia -60dbm this is the frsi interpretation of some addressing  the news  

6185 in Farsi (?) 1613 with talks “loresc Christionec” Luktretian Yerevan Xinjiang Panera J& Johnson ,niotovos  signal to -45dbm >>> Vatican in Armenian !One of the   strongest  signals  in the band, 1626 in Russian.

9585 BBC Shabad  as per ID 1631 with program in Farsi

11830  DW as per ID on 1634 with HOA music and short talk in Amharic or similar then reports  -50dbm

5060 Xinjiang PBS in CC 1638 with mix of talks with music ie adverts -65dbm hard noise at -115

4850 XJPBS in Kazakh -65 dbm suffering from a CIS type multitone signal on the USB band Talks with underground music

March 4

15160 KBS radio with IS reel in KO and English on 0856 then program in Korean -90/125dbm in a noise free

15135 CRI  in Indo disussions by two YL with some laughs ‘ together we help’

9906 LINK 11 thatat time inside  the band! 0923

8967 center freq of Kontayner of 15 kHz -86dbm

A BPL noise on the part on 8540-9696  at -100dbm up to 11040 with less signal

15295 CNR again 1053 covering the SoH with -90dbm verymarginal while the USB prt I totally covered by RFI (-65dbm ) as older times RFI killing VoM reception on local evenings Off or faded down at 1056

21670 nice signal this day from R Saudi Inlt in indo with -90/125dbm and talks by YL

17650 CNR 1100 with news in CC -95dbm


OK 729 is now back at 1101  with -77/130dbm . it s very  that this station is always on off

At 1008 the signal is -78dbm airing different program

There were two earthquakes yesterday . the one in the middle of the country with  6 Richter centered nearby the Olymp mountains and one on the NIsyros island the second island with volcano. The first of 6 Richer covered a distance of 150 km radius  


##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube


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