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THS reception 18/11

18/11  with the 15/11 balun SDR1a  config

9495 TRT 1758 with slow folk song -35dbm IS reel in various languages 2×5.2kHZ audio
9390  Cairo? 1759 wit hum and very low audio . short power off then with talks in ??lang 55dbm -30dbm
9620 AIR in Arabic 1819 with talks with -55dbm 57 RMS  2x5kHZ
9650  two signals in the same freq with 40Hz  of difference The one on9650.0 got off 182250 the other ison 40Hz higher with 52dbSNR max
5925  for VOIRI  1848 with really no modulation !! -65dbm Ther are a  few more in this part of the band as 5945 5955 5970 with also very low modulation
6070 show of Everland  via  R202  with rock songs and several IDS losg time off then back 1938 with song  from evanescence
MW :
954 via Husum kSDR GE DMR with 23,6 Kbps heard in clear on 2030 clock and ID hen with news . Bad stereo audio Radio journal then with classical SMR 15.4 DRM A 16 QAM  checking in carious kSDRs nearby reception is not the 100%  but ven in very close kSDRs full  oflost packets …
I think that CQUAM cold do better job…


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