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Some analytical bed reception with CNR13

9420 at 1330 with a long political program on CNR13 mentioning Chinese European relations [Zhongguo Europa mentioned  ] with a  more than 10 minutes  talk then referred to Nigerian Chinese relations  . China was also mentioned as “Hǝlk” whle the region was pronounced as ‘Sinzang’ continued with various other talks that bypass the ToH at 1400. In th meantime  CNR17 on 9630 aired some operas with short song identifications
I was continuing to listen to the talks on CNR 13 when  finally was sleeping until 1530 when the Chinese program was aired They were Identified as  “Yīshī Guangbo Jiemu”.  
Signal was nearly steady and clear in the most time  at 1330 with minimal fading while at 1530 QSB was deeper and medium-fast…
This is one f the very few stations that transmit continuously in shortwave with limited sign off times!  20/11/22
[ A true story. DXing sometimes helps for   sleeping . Reception  system as in the attached photo ]
to add: (1)this station is on of my beacons in shortwaves with nearly always good signal.
(2) the Antenna part shown is a bundle by 11+ 15 m with a balun and connects into the SDR. Alternatively there is a wire-wounded carton cylinder that covers the radio’s antenna .   The wires ends are connected into the double antenna system.


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