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Kal Krekel jammed  

Once again the 6005 was jammed this morning at 09 during the Ukrainian program Instead at 1012 the 6005 is heard in the clear via the Twente wSDR with R Slovakia

Signal -75dbm Range -69 to -95 dbm
Instead  the jammer has been found on 6085  with R Mi Amigo making a zigzag ‘CW dit’ pattern on a range of 500Hz in LSB  then a CW text short interval and then in USB and vice versa

What’s   written in the CW text?
I used an external CW decoder and waited for more then 20 minutes in order to assemble the quite jammed text with funny results  
“Kal Krekel must stop jamming”

And really who is jamming who??

MI Amigo as jammed on 6-2.22

Συντάκτης: zachariasliangas

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