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Picks of 29-3 /22

A few picks withPL330 inductively with the double antenna set:
11675 TRT IS music till 1154 then s off
15590 CGTN /CRI-EE1159 with ID then news starting with the news on RUKR Signal 52/12
11530 Denge Welat is now back since 28/3 leaving Erdogan alone on 11540 On 29/2 Erdogan loses from the signal war on 11530

Back to SDR :
15670 AWR 1552 program in English with strong Indian pronunciation 1555 wih spiritual song `you are the reason’ very good modulation and signal -55 dbm and 2×5.5 kHz address in Maharastra INDIA 1600 off
15740 no BBC that time or faded out at 1555
15680 AWR Tamil sounded like song ID at 1558 in English signal -85dbm Off 155940
15625 Erkin Asara radio se ID at 160040 Gets off leaving Satanag 4625 and a Chinese radio signal TRT?


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