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Independence day …

Independence day today in Greece even if the most correct is rebellion or uprising day since it is the day greeks started the war against the Ottoman empire on 1821  

A few logs for yesterday 23.2 :  
9670 Echo Sthlm  was NOT heard in Salonica Neither in Twente Instead it was audible in Izahvsk with S7/5  or -85/-93 dbm Best signal tested in Rybinsk RU  with S8 or -78dbm with talks in Russian mixed with very little Swedish . AS noticed  in WOR it was understood that reception was only in the rim of the middle Russia as I found no signal on northern parts nor on the southern parts! Tested with a few more SDRs to get this result
9665  station with nice classic music at 2105 etc -85/115 dbm in THS but in Twente with -75/-92dbm The only supposed for this time is CNR Cross Strait or CNR 5 and R Pyongyang . Verified on 2200z in the ToH as CNR . They QRMed the Echo Sthlm transmission and were also audible in both THS and Twente!

9690 REE with very low modulation even if the signal is -70dbm  at2109
9640 CRI in ?? with nice Chinese pop music with ±8 kHz and -55dbm signal 22z+
9255 CNR Hammer against SoH in Twente  with -75dbm signal 22z+

23+24 .3
9420 VoGreece was  heard in Twente wih -24dbm max but mids at -35dbm on 2207., NO  signal on 08  and after 0900 on 24.3 in Twente nor in W Eire.  
Shorts on 10-1015z with S/N signal  indications on PL330 of the few clear audible that  time:
17490  CGTN /Cri English with signal 47/35
21670 RSaudi Indo 33/25
15285 no welat
11540  Welat with signal 73/47and erdogan very poor under them Also spur o nn 11490 at 50/47
17650  CNR with program ‘XienXi Zhongguo’ mentioning various cities of China Heilongjiang Gangsu Xining etc 60/31
15390 CNR13 Uighur at 54/40 with strong QSB


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