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Logs of 30 Dec  

With PL330 and 10m antenna in the center of Thessaloniki

9535 CRI in Nepali with a Hindi song 47/07 at 1535
9440 Cairo  with signal 60/25 but no audio Cheeked on 1505 and 1535
9440 CNR13 at 1535 with Chinese program and some music
9565 CRI in Turkish 1528 talks on something about Chichin 49/12
9790 CNR1 jammer 1542 talks over music
9810 R Romania Intl 1544 ID music 53/17
6160 CRI with nice music and Ballad Of New Henan on 1846 signal 65/15 (supp German program )
9900 Cairo with signal  51/18no audio at 1859
5830V o Iran t 52/21  at 1907 with news in Farsi
7415 CRI with song Endless Love by Kim Hee Seon and Jackie Chan [ yes the well known artist! link shows them in live ] at 1910
9440 with CRI in English instead of Cairo at 1915


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