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Logs based on Alan Roe’s holidays broadcasts

Every year as far as I know at least for the last 2-3  years Alan Roe is compiling a mini guide in PDF with all music transmissions as noticed via various e-newsletters  called as Music Broadcasts In Shortwave edited and updated  a few times per  session .d
There is also a special  version for only  the last two weeks of the year called as Holiday Broadcasts In Shortwave A very good and handy guide for the time between Dec 18 to an 2th for each year
This is s my fist time using this guide to log these stations locally or using various remote radios . I was ready to make it in illustration format adding some screenshots captured  from the web pages until  I found that no photos were saved except a few waterfalls  .

Dec 30th
7490 Overcomer via WBCQ via a kSDR in Maine  on 2020 (no signal in THS ) with S9+20 dbm
7375 R Romania Intl 2012 program about Romania , English ?S10
7415 CRI in English  2014 with happy discussions  about 北京 (just think about! )  Just S7

Dec 31 th

All  below are via Twente SDR unless noticed
9535  no  Sukhumi as tested in Salonica mountain nor via any kSDR at 0820

3955 Sunlite 1033 Shakira under your clothes  good signal 5035 with S5 at 0832 Horbart radio with Unique Radio program at S5 in USB with rock songs (Via freemantle kSDR  in Australia)

5920 HCJB with program in German , religious talks
6005 R Prague intl 1030 with news in German – nice to listen to this station via twente or couldn’t not even listen otherwise
6020  Delta 1036 ID in many languages and talking propaganda (promote that )
6070 Decade AM at 1020 with German songs and good signal
6085 MI amigo 1058 ID program turn the music up 6150 Europa  24 marie the last dance by Gildo (shazamed) S9 Sw gold ID 1045 6160 SW gold From a distance N Griffith S9
9580 BBC WS 1022 talking about PCR tests  (Good signal via the thai kSDR )

Pop shop radio via Austria  with S10 in the local kSDR  and  with 60/25at home with PL330

Jan 1 2022
BBC 12095 local with S4 just carrier . test via N Wales UK with S8 signal at 2028 with operetta sung by woman


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