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Monitoring Feb 5

Monitoring 5/2

##        screenshot available only in selected FC pages as above
$$        remote kiwi reception
&&       other equipment reception – mostly PL380
@@     video in youtube 7615 V wilderness 1408 with talks over background easy listening music ID on 1408 by OM -75/125dbm

9650.04 BSKSA 0923 just a carrier with Islamic prayer  -73dbm with fast ades and non synchro carrier QRM  on exact frequency

9765 CRI in eng 1405 with program  roundtable -65dbm

9835 IRIB – R Teheran in Urdu here with max -80dbm at 1313 .Tested in both Bandung or Philipines with best signal in India at-53dbm Also Ashna with signals of -75 at best after 1400

RTM was off that time earlier than a few days ago  Their transmission schedule is eaten up itself in favor to other stations.

Has anyone other tested when RTM signs off in SW these days? I most times listen to Asik and Klasik Fm via stream for clear and quasi HiFi listening (it’s a widestereo  U shaped audio)

9840 Vietnam 1504 with just a signal of -110dbm

9864.5 center of a interesting  sweeping signal as like a siren 1.5 khz wide

9950 no signal from AIR Dari here

9975 TWR in Cantonese 1341 with-65/115 dbm with talsk over background music Off 1345

9985 RFA tanini banana 1338 form the legenady signeer Harry Belofonte Progra in Korean -85dbm

9990  Farda 1347 with songs -84dbm best signal

11540NF radio Erdoğan mixed in synchro and winning over the Denge Welat which is herd quite low this time at -75dbm or lower at 0940 Luckily welat is again winning on 0959 talks about capitalism imperialism and Russia with audio  2×5.5kHZ  . Log article

11690 AWR in Chinese 1008 with talks after a short song Just -85/115 dbm signal

11745 Al Azm S Arabia with Quran prays

15074 the most beautiful station  n the Sw Band at 1029 :kontayner OTHR with -107/125 dbm !!!

15390 CNR13 at 1031  with beat turkic music Just -95 dbm Marginal outside with the PL380

15420 BBC in Somali tat is mixed with Arabic (as per eibi )1102 with news

15430 R Romania intl with IS before the ToH AT 110 with program in French with around -95dbm signal

15440 CRI  in CA heard in double with -83dbm signal and a very happy song  at 1055 then with fller with various talks Chinese radio com in English nice traditional music before the ToH Next program in standard Chinese

15500.01  AWR in Mongolian just -100/130 dbm , better in Qatar that I can listen top the language in clear with many noticed on Jesus Christ 18 db SNR over S7 noise there. Spectrum analysis shows higher modulation  on the lower side  

15570 BSKSA Holy Quran  1247 man with preaches -110/140dbm Presenter with new quran program starting after hat /1538 ID at 1253 . Not noticed in Eibi !! There are carriers in + 770  1240 1330 and 1660 Hz above ! ID on 1300   With PL380 with 28/15 signal outdoors with hets also heard  // that time with 17615 -100dbm

15825 (-95 25dbR)& 15770 (-80 25db Range) are already in this frequencies

17490 CRI today in English 0919 very very clear free from any QRN and herd as HiFi due to the very high audio spread MY fav freq !  -90/-140dbm !!! About TV watching , stream audio and video and the same! 

  Aa/bb : dbm of signal to local noise A notice to the db levels and how are measured : -photo from the site
Some of these logs are posted Extreme  SwLing , SDRConsole HF  , greek pirate log page and with photos and videos . You need to first join them


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