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Logs 10/2/2021

9425 V of Korea 1821 is quite poor at-88dbm in between the DSL lines and BPL

9450 CRI  in Hausa with many “allo allo Mr ??ki “ 1822 with max signal of -74 dbm

9499.975 (??) TWR in arabic . not that tie for RMS to check ut checked with 2 more stations to know that the station is really 40 HZ below . 1829 with address and web page And a signal of -75 dbm

9485 VoA in tigre 1835 has carriers of +/- 40 and 90 at -90dbm for its main signal of -67dbm

9515  IBRA in Tigre with lively HoA gospel songs at 1845 in the exact frequency and good audio at ±5 kHZ  with -49dbm  signal

9555 BSKSA Idaatu Riad at 1852 in voiceover on electronic music . this music spot is also heard in several local radio stations AT next, with typical Arabic songs of  the 70-80s. Mod seems a bit low (-35dbC) and “very SB equalized “ with 5+khz wide audio

9560 CRI in Russian at *1858 with-61dbm signal that ended that followed with Magyar program

9844.95 KNLS via MDG 1902 with Hard rock song a “odnt call me tonight” with ID in Russian

6335 Kontayner 1924  20kHZ wide  with -93dbm signal  Αλσο 7107 off 1838.20 and on 7124 and  7137

6617 Murmasnsk adio 1926+ with meteo info at -88/115dbm max in Russian

4965 After checking the error level of my RDS I immediately checked the signal accuracy of 4965 Voice of hope from Zambia that ie very accurate! -86/112dbm level on 1945 VoA on 4930 is only 3 Hz lower


1770 Serbian pirate with Slavic music -84/110dbm 1955 with QRM of same level


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