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Mesages to WOR plus logs 22/11

Two emails for  WOR:
Re : Farda on 7590
This station is mostly with music  and some talk language is Farsi
Means tomorrow

On Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Harold Frodge <> wrote:
Disco music here at 0526; talk didn’t sound like EE; SIO=353

Re:  RBS Korea
Poor in the city over the local noise checked on 1408
Otherwise poor in Thai but requires filter to 2.5 but on Daejeon Korean signal is good
There is also music in-between talks by YL 1416:Abt Israel
Screenshot in daejon as archent can be found in the fil4s section  in the WOR group Also one recording:
The last minute was with on off talks
Sole carrier for half minute then sing off 
RBS – Voice of the Revival of Korea» (RBS = Revival Broadcast System) is currently
on 5900 kHz. and should be on Tuesday and Friday, from 1400 to 1428 UT! Ron (California)

LOgs :
15310 bible Voice per eibi 1642 Wirth religious talk in Emharic 1642 2×5.2kHz  with 65db SNR 1650 is 45dbm SNR-75bm
15490  AWR in Somali heard Esaiah

Thee are two the veeeeeeeeery few signals on 15mHztoday 


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