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19/11 local SDR and kSDR

 6100 CGTN 1439 with program in English -50dbm , 2×5.2 kHZ  wide
15595  1457 program in Farsi mentions  of Zelenski Harsh sounded male voice technology  etc -55dbm abrupt s off 1459
15160 Dmtse Woyanne  1513 Amharic at 1510  with discussions between man and woman   pronunciation is quite aggressive At 1512-3 noise started in the freq -55 dbm  65SNR  2x5kHz wide
15150 Tamazuj   1515 in Arabic , low modulation -71.dbm signal
Vacant carriers at  15370 15410 15440 15460 while VoA is just -76 25SNR and heard marginally
7300 CRI 1617 with Arabic  , I hear ahbar nufriha  1618 aAabic pop song -50dbm
7360 in a sudden R Vatican S/on 1619 Laudetur J Christ in Russian with immediate  program 
7410 CRI? With Hindi song at 1621 -60dbm signal

via Canary islands later:
6130 with pop songs on 2040+   with S5 Tested in Twente no signal was expecting R Jong Europa  but  Without signal there At  2050  heard the Chinese hymn then with s/on talks in Tibetan (PBS XIzang ) which was also in // with twente..
6180 R Nasional only in canary islands with ID at 1058 that continues with the song played and continued after the ToH //11780 at -90dbm 
9765 R Voz Allegre (KNLS ) via MDG  2112with acapella song -70dbm
9955 WRMI with unknown Spanish program 2115 Your story in English  is noted in swscheds list -89dbm


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