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kSDR MW logs via Karelia FI and more


972 HLCA KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1  (using mwlist )at 1036 via karelia SDR  news by YL in korean   with phone ins -100dbm signal
207 RKSV  ICL with old pop song at 1041
243 DR Langbølge  DK with series of tomes on 1045  then ID? At 1046 YL with a bit harsh voice talking as like ‘encoded’  text mentioning m/times
Continues with IS music in various instruments
Station :
252 RTE R1 1055 advertisements Poor if listening without headphones!  News after 1100

1143 Korea? 1239 with a song , advert of  Loran ,  KBS ? IDing in koran and Chinese . talks between OM and YL in both languages (!) S7 at max with  med level QRM from others
At 0400 of this recording is  the clock  1300 at   0409 is th ID
At 1303z heard a Japanese? HM group song More info here (FC group only for registered users )

1107   Xinjiang  ,program in Uighur mentioning many times Xinjiang. Underneath  station from UK in English Rather steady signal at -83dbm

1125 at 1421   Japanese station airing Japanese song under korean . 1426  with Chinese with Teresa Teng  plus at last two more stations The one transmits in English mentioning several problem in transmission . Chinese from other channel
reception before and after 1500 an normalized :
If someone can identify …

594 CHN  with traditional Chinese song   opera . 1450 QMR by marker on 592
612 TWR via Kyrgyz with ID at 1455   Previously with some music


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