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Logs in the THS mountain for 13/11

With lower local noise and 3×9 m Δ antenna and PL330 rceiver

7265 CRI in Italian  20xx with traditional operas 50/20  
7285  Xizang PBS in Tibetan starting transmission with the classical old ID  with national anthem the East is Red and immediate talks by OM and YL that is the program schedule. Noticed transitions times and program. BTW in Greece the national hymn is heard only on 6am via the 1st  program of ERA
7505 Farda 2056  about Kurdistan with phone in reports and referring also to Baluchistan  and Pakistan Also Instagram etc 50/25
7300 Akbar Muhrifa /Mashira 2115 with talk in Arabic and IDing very clearly as Mashira /Majira Around  20206 with several IDS and addresses then a chanting. ID at 2129 as Akbar Mufriha nd also Majira. 50/25 signal in the PL330
BTW Majira /MAshira means Hoeny comb in Arabic .

7375 R Rom Intl in English  213x with news on the climate change . also on 23 Euro Song Contest and on how the entire will be made. It will be held in Liverpool instead of  Ukraine . Panorama with tear!

7425 Erdogan hitting well against RDW  at 213x  with signal 44/18 There is also a FSK signal hitting the USB part
6930 pirate at 2142 wih poor signal over the local noise with near to heavy mental  song with maximum signal at 26/00 long times  under the noise  orr less than 5 secs of reception Can this be he vault?

A few in MW
1278  Ukraine prg 1  2214 with news about Ukraine and Belorussia . In  Russain or like (Ukrainian? ) reference to Zelenski but bad music audio mixing Contiues with referring to Putin UK  Lavrov and Vietopetrovska Oblast Also good in Cypriot kSDR
but not so good in E Europe kSDRs ID at 2300

1215  on 2215 further to a previous reception on 9/11  (unlogged but  just recorded with -45dbm  ) the pirate from Athens once again strikes with continuous dedications voice-overs with folk songs  of the 70-80s  in background including some gunny or bad comments . this is the worst example for the Greek amateur radio in MW …Good signal with short time deep fades
1044 Duffy (not Duck)  2230 airing a song from Demmy Roussos for anyone he knows him
1476  Expecting to listen to R Keralam  but not any signal here ar 2240 S20 in Qatar kSDR
In Qatar kSDr many Hindi stations are heard with at least fair signal in the MW band
9999 Arabic station with chants  2245 It seems radio Mayak stops on 22 ? They are usually heard  here with good signal


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