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11+12 via local and remote kSDR s

Friday 11//11

9650 its very possible that Mali is still in the frequency 23-32 db SNR max at 1044
12120 USA with -116dbm signal 15-25dbm SNR that mans rather marginal 1049
13264 Shannon Volmet with meteo talks  23dn SNr only at 1051 
13600 Farda 1052 with news in Farsi  56dbNBR

Saturday 12/11
Once again 6300u has been hard in the clear in Canary islands at 0735 and continued with talks by fishermen for 5 minutes Also other network on v6287 Both signal at -ca100dbm

7330 WINB in DRM mode at 0753+ as heard in canary islands with talks in English then with a religious song “Jesus says’  ID at 0759 Mode AAC 1ch 8.28kbps -86dbm with lots of freezes /timeouts as like the disc sticking in its laser needle:

7255 Nigeria?  Talks on 0803  with -70dbm signal but very low modulation

6180  RNAmazonia with old mariachi style songs or versions at -75  dbm (0810 song from Beatles) Also 6185  R Education with nice old songs

Changed system to 11+15 m with balun and SDRplay ( 12/11)

9675  with CGTN  at -40dbm  max or 65 SNR  with humorous talks at 1507 and reports  max audio filter is 7.5 kHz
6180 CRI ? 1509 with Chinese language lessons in Russian 54dbm  
6165 program in Farsi 1510 and language lessons 54dbm SNR
6210u QSOs in italian 1522  20dbm max SNR
6670u OM counting at 1525
9315  CNR 1529 with strong internal noise nearly covers audio 44db SNR
9440 R Cairo 1531 with limited  covered by its internal nose /buzzer. I can barely listen to anything from this station without the use of headphones Signal has two side lobes at 9413 and 9467 with 58/ 30 and 22 db SNR levels for for  carrier / low and higher spurs respectively. Italian program and heard better at 1545
9534.8  Apsua radio  with chants on 1600 +  with less than 2.5 kHz audio 1613 off A rather annoying call stopped me from listening the program About 35+  SNR
9540 ?? with talks in Amharic  in a sudden with good modulation while no listening on absua at 1615 as seen in the  spectrum  analyzer This is IBRA as noticed in the eibi list. Some Hoa type music after the ‘unheard’  ID 
9620 AIR with farsi/dari unhindi music Good mod  with increased trebles
9670 OHR radio  with R292  offshore radio with several jingles 1625 with mysterious rock song  hear the music play Good audio but spectrally is shown as noise  with ca 5.5kHz wide audio  1627  carrier starts on 9665 even wth LSB reception is not so good
9665 CRI  1630 in Hausa till 1633 with the ID ten with news  45 db SNR
9650.05 SABC 1635 with rally no mod  47db SNR
9740 KBS in Korean with discussions  47db SMR at bset!
11985  with the transmitter from TJ as far as I think with the frequency hopping format      
4930 Air horm marker at 1654
4090   talsk by Russian operator . -90dbm  only
3465   intesting non political discussion between greek operators  at 1725 26SNR max 
9450 bΒC 1825 with Hausa acapella songs . I was oout butseem that 1830  signed off while 5 minutes after a Kontayner signal started om 9435 with 15 kHZ wide sinal
11620 AIR with Hindu songs pf 80s heradeLata  on 2113 . -70dbm 25 SANR sudden off at 2115 -40dbm in Cyprus kSDR continuous  on offs This time band is really vacant…
11720 VoA with pop songs at 2120 and signal S10  via Cyprus SDR
11940 REE with sports program S10 at 2122
11985 man with talks in Afrenglish  with POB n Nigeria  various s phone numbers 0906456xx85  we Nigeria yahoo dot com  then with IS 2127 S9 at beast vai Cypru ksdr
9265 WINB 2131 with classical type music and man talking as like in poems and the prayer with -75dbm signal  same signal in Cyprus bu better audio
9640 CRI on 2136 with nice pop song and 22×8.2kHZ HIFi wide audio Spanish program in the list -45dbm 72RMS
9100 VoP iin the clear at 2143 wiyj -65dbm with trap snog at 2145 30db RMS
6140 VoK /DPRK in DRM -74db 14.56kb  stream but not decodable   Via Thaliand


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