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Logs with Uloop 10+11 Nov

Roof /noise level -140dbm at all bands

153  RACtualiţata has been seen in 1225 on LW band with 28db SNR with Polskie radio being 10 db better /. At 1444  its signal lowered.  171 medi1 fade in at 1440
At 1600 seen 234 French and 252 !

3 time signals could be found on 128.9  135.4  (a burst on 135.7 of 100 HZ wide  also ) and 138.7 kHZ
A few burst signals on  20.9 23.4  26.7  29.7 45.9 49    62.6 kHz

1125  at 2051 someone from Athens with full talking and music  underground. too much blahblah   with no ID some ID  -90dbm /42SNR
Non-intesting discussion on 1680 on nearly same time between several Greek pirates though the music has great sound quality.   One of these songs used very nasty words to say “I m not interested’ Bet signal at -60dbm  

SW :
5835.2  pirate? 1507 with rock songs -112/140 dbm this is probably R Europe Ther is no ID after listening for more than 4 songs 
4800 XJPBS  in Uighur 1616 with talks only -111
5060Xinjiang PBS  in  Chinese -110dbm at 1617
11905 /11610 VoA in Somali with same signal level -70dbm with mainly talks
13710.05  BSKSA  Holy Quran  1630 with sermons -96dbm Carrier at 13710.5 at -120dbm
15490 AWR in Somali with HoA song and -99 dbm
15550 Tamazuj  in Somali (?) as noted in eibi  noticing associations (serikat ) v -75dbm  Off 1645..??
15160 RRomI  with -112dbm signal in Arabic Just marginal
11685 RNE  ID RNE servicio informativo 700 with news -100dbm
9390 Cairo 1704  with just open carrier > Very poor audio -83dbm
9620 Mixed two signals : China with Hausa program and AIR  Farsi separating with Hindi music Perfect signal synchro !!!-84dbm  or 57SNR
9820 VOA? In Kurdish at 1713 against anyone there with 53dbSNR fortunately nothing is here this time
9835  with classical music at 1715 with 30 db max SNR Vatican in English
5900 R Taiwan  1723  in Russian with music birds and YL  talking -104
9675 R Saudi Intl at -100dbm  or 47. db RMS  max  man talking in Indo at 2032

Greek SW Pirates in on the 6.6±200kHz
6980L  pirates in Italian at 1500 ALSO ON 1720
6675L pirate airing some trash music and some talks! 1501 at 1535 two in QSO
6755L also Greeks on 1535
6685L someone airing songs in a 2-3 operator net 1535
6660 French operators -125 and lower
6595L another greek QSO with two! 1538 
7055 some Russian net talks 1720   nothing earlier!


9440 Cairo 1523 just carrier with hum nothing heard -90dbm or 65RMS
9380 funny narrow Kontayner at 1525 -123dbm
9315 CNR? 1526 with CNR like style f program .Plus Contayner sound under 41dbSNR
7630 CNR? 1528  talks in CC -114dbm
7665 1529 a quite fading signal at 1530  music
7580 Farda 1532  talk sin Farsi by YL 50-53ddbm RMS
5955 Seems in Romanian at 1539 with 60 dbSNR Man with political talks

6675L  not Greek .seems Italian  someone then replied ‘vafanculo‘ His pronunciation seems too Greek Later at 1546 two in talks
5905 CRI  in Russian talks and Chinese background music 30-40RMS max
12125 Chinese slow song 1545 with many talks between people amd children 44dbm
6950U at 1547 talk in unIDded lang

864 Cairo with  Islamic preaching ,long silent periods 1551 53dbm
900 Arabic  with men chanting 
1503 seems as 864 but carrier on 1502.84 (160 HZ lower )
792 Radio 9 local pirate after 19z listening with mix of  nice and bad Greek music with f/in and f/out in between what foreigners call it ‘great’  


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