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kSDR logs 6/11

9835 Sarawak  is off today at 0950  A very poor signal poss form SoH at -85
11665 Wai instead work OK  
The PHL kiwi has connection problems IN Tailand  I heard clearly Chinese talks in a signal surrounded by lots of noise

12065 R  Taiwan 0958 with rock song then clock and talks in mentioned cantonese they mentioned HOng Kong  S20 Someone under (?) in Mandarin

12085 Mongolia? Well undermodulated with talk in Chinese at 10z   

9840 Vietnam in Indo at 1040 with news -50 on Thai kSDR   Also 7285 with program in Khmer with songs (Tibetan  is noticed )

Logs in Surabaya today :  
846 ?? 1006 child chanting Muslim sermons -43 dbm
999 Pro 3 1107 with adverts -53dbm
1008  RRI 1109 with pop song steady at -75dbm heard Radio Semangat , YL on news then external recordings  , distabilitas stability of prices in the country with %  rates and continues with news. Indo pop Song at 1016 meteo news at 1020  at o1028with ID Satu RRI
1035 also a religious program but faded down . mre diffuclt  to listen
1062 Sangkakala   ( trumpet) with Christian song in English  at 1018 and English rock song on 1031 and jingle of sangakala Local at -30
1151 Yasmara with Muslim chants local at -40dbm 1005 and 1035


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