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Logs late nite 1/11

… with router off in Litohoron  PL330 and 15 m wire

7200 N Korea 2009 with news program with alternate voices of man and woman 28/05
7205 in CC  with typical CNR program with news on 2010 41/05
5830 V Iran  2013 with talks referring Afghanistan Islamic democratic rep   etc 32/16
5960 R Romania 2014  program Umca da Romania , referring to medicines and more with talks seemingly Russian or Serbian 32/16 new eibi shows Ukrainian
5995 No Mali?  2015 There was only a Kontayner signal centered on 6000
6040 IRIB with program in English bout Palestinians murdered by Israel and possibly human traffic Sudden signoff 2020
9675 R Saudi intl in Indonesian  with strong signal at 65/25 level man referring to Ibrahim Musadi and Rasul . this program seems as religious mixed with lots of Arabic words. Mans voice is heard as ‘satanic’
6120   TRT  2028  with discussions between man and woman with some laughs and sudden door opening and cracking sounds. This is the transmitter that suffers from voice modulated carriers
6115 CRI *2029 crash start with IS and ID effecting TRT reception then with program in French starting immediately with news Strong signal


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