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THS logs for Oct 28/29

LW logs for 28 :
This list shows all AM radio stations received in Thessaloniki Greece with some program Usage: R75 with 2x16m , mountain point

153 R Antenna Satelor 1900 with ID then traditional songs S1
171 Medi 1 with YL at 1902 with news. Then with world news S2
224 Polskie radio Program Pinshe?? 1904 then advert  ‘media expert’ ending with short jingle 1906 song one .. in the heart S3
252 Chaine 3 Algerie   1907  with French program ‘Soney lang in emission’ caminio bay be S5
Many other semidigital signals  are received in the band having the format of carrier with short digital burst in USB part One of the strongest is on 315

After one hour:
198  BBC 2030 quite fast English talks Poor signal <1  There are strong carriers nearby making reception very dificult 
234 RTL  2031 with talks in French S2 max

A few MW logs:
531 R Algerie 1910 about Malaysia ‘ke djoni ‘ as noticed Fixed S9 sinal
548 possibly Jil Fm 1911 with alternating pop songs S2-3
666 IRIB R Fars*  2136 with talks by many people as in outdoors. Talks in Farsi  The most possible is from Shiraz considering its signal
1458  Lyca finally herd in THS but in quite late time 1128 PMLT  with only S2 signal  with promos on Covid and medicines
1432 with Arabic songs  2037 under Romania with total signal S7 This is poss  Egypt
1395 Overcomer via Armenia S3 max at 2041 the typical priest of shortwaves strikes also on MW !
1323 IRRS? 2043 with DX program featuring WOR I m sure that it was Glenn Hauser taking and mentioning …..8726..VOf freedom N Korea’s ??045 /??25 mexico ??730 7390 9700 V of Nigeria Signal level unnoticed but heard fairly and clear
810 Cadena SER SP  2049 with talks program S2 only . sad that Skopije stopped
801 Greek pirate with old greeks  2052. AFAIK he was ex-792
954 I think there is a DRM signal in this frequency at 2053 signal is heard as white noise that is quite different from the typical nose in the band S5 max

 SW logs
6070 at 1912 with german songs of the WW2 period S10  also after 20z and after the R292 promo on ToH This is Radio ohne Name (no name radio! )
6245 Echo of hope > NK with talk in Korean NO QRM! Instead 6520 ad 6600 are strongly QRMed by digital stream with marginal reception 
7600 Radio Afghanistan 1917 with “Hindic”  song and male singer S10  
9275 WMLK  malak with English talks at 1926  with S9 max signal
9820  CNR 2056 airing besame mucho in nearly mariachi style! commercials follow 
9819 R Nove de Julho is found as faint carrier ! Stroing QRM from CNR
11700 RHC 2103 with talks in Spanish S7
And a few 29 using PL330 on the 3×9 antenna xx/xx are S/N
17490 VoA in Tibetan 57/25  with news  and repots
9320 TWR in Korean  1455 mostly with talks  an short music intervals
6070 R292 with rock song an ID at 2050 ,own program   54/10
6090 KBS World radio till 2100 then s off

SW utes and pirs
6676  S’pore Volmet at 1953 The next at 1956 uses fast English with very ‘muscular’ voice
6110-6175 band is empty . 6180 with DDH with meteo in  AM mode
6661 counting with English numbers  3 2 1 5 tc
6693 Novosibirsk  numbers in Russian and meteo at 2012
6230  possibly SoH even if the signal os S7 he sound format seems quite different
8497.8 I beacon with S3 at 1920
5505u Channon Volmet  at 1937  with meteo S9 max
3450L  pirate airing Greek hindic song at 2026


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