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22+23 Oct reception to R marconi

Thessaloniki 22/10: (as poted in their post in Facebook )
S3 in Thessaloniki -80dbm  in Tuscany at 1833 but on 6184 instead of 6185 22/10
System : 2x 16 m inverted V with ICOM R75

1905 with SINPO 14241 off at 2015 on 6184 khz USB
2000 no signal Waited for 5 minutes to no avail. Recheck 2030 with marginal signal.
System : 12+6  m wire and PL330
All recordings were garbled for unknown reason then deleted

This is special transmission to the recently passed away Dario Monferini and Roberto Scaglione this year. As noticed in their post in facebook

“The broadcast will consist of a replay of our special 30th anniversary transmission, originally aired on 4th January 2016 which includes interviews to Dario Monferini and Roberto Scaglione, two well-known figures of the Italian DX scene who passed away in this very sad 2022”
Just to notice that I have met him with Roberto Pavanello on 1995 and 2001 together with Daniel my later best man a local  ex-Dx magazine editor and SW listener of the past and welcome them in my parents and in laws home respectively for lengthy  discussions on Dx subjects. In the first time the longest subject was mostly on Dx reporting  it was very clear that I was even more technical oriented then him while he provided me more info on propagation . He seen my biblio and the QSL cards and noticed a few tips in utility stations.

Later I subscribed to his excellent news letter PlayDX for several years until it was changed to an internet email list
His newsletter was a very rich 4-5 pages material with  logs  frio European DXers including me with trans Atlantic  MW DX , tropical and LA  stations ,pirates , a few utilities , Nearly everything that fits into the term ‘hard core DX ‘
The remain was news clips from Dx magazines and material in parts  plus pages from the TIN’s book on LA stations and also QLS! .

In the second meeting on 2001 he had problems in his foot  and was very tired He seen my new and big DX literature and made a few receptions with my new R75 ICOM receiver (afaik) but very soon later left the house.

This is what I can remember from him and my poor memory



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