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21670 R Saudi with program in english Oct 18

21670 on 10+ Oct 18 with program in perfect English and many ‘random’ IDs  instead of the awaited Indo program Signal in PL330 as 13/10 . I recorded this after 1045 in this address
and then played with the antenna connection starting inductively then using alligator plug to get the highest signal at 34/15-25 in the LCD screen. Antenna is 26+6 m wire lead to radio

The most used iD was ’the heart of ???’ with Star FM also heard At 2322 shift electricity returned to house

On time 28.52  of this recording you can hear the ID «this si the public service of Saudi radio» There is also a background program in Farsi also mentioning Saudi Arabia On time  45.40 of this wma you can listen the Indonesian program This is around 1125.
I first found this info on reddit posted  7 days ago. The poster mentions  SABC’s night broadcast towards Indonesia on 18+. Someone there noticed also the address to, that leads to SABC but the correct address is after googling it.

To notice Indonesian program has been heard on Oct 19 and 21 Therefore the english program has


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