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A few local logs on 13/10

In Litohoron My Olympus  using PL330 and 26 m wire part of it wounded plus around 12 for lead . router off these times

15300 RFI at 0704 audio has stream problems  good signal
9400 the well known pastor 0715 with talks  33/10
17490 VoA in Tibetan 1420 with talks  33/15
7110 Ethiopia  at 1435 with talks fair in between operators in he band
11660 CRI 1435 with nonstandard Hindi music style 55/11 man mentioning Denge  Intl then talks that are close to Hindi  and mentioning to Pakistan many times. Urdu mentioned in eibi tough sounded  quite far from Hindi . this could be something as Baluchi or Sindhi
11775  the voice of Erdoğan is heard only with progressive songs and short announcements 1440
15150 Tamazuj  1520 with several IDs noticed Good signal via Malagasy


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