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Oct lox 10

QTH THS GR 11+15 m wires

7055L 1555 intesting program from hams using RR or UK music and QSOing  at least 3 operators in the freq Max 20 dbSNR

On 27  MHz there are a few only ops 27665L  from GR@1604 , 27555 in Fr?  Screenshot to see in the whole band

15200 in Russian killed by Kontainer signal , 1616 the jammer left freq -63dbm
15185  in Amharic 1617 with male talks this si the non info station in eibi with Tigre program > many mentions on Amara Oromo and other langs /places  
15310 bible voice in Amharic with Halleluiahs and Jesus Christus  1621 with -50dbm Very passionate if not fanatic speaker
9500 R Rom intl in French , funny songs good audio IF 1645 Vous ecoutes R Rom Intl , mix with CRI -55dbm
9515 KBS prg in English 1647 vest filter  on 3.5 kHZ -65dbm
9460 TRT Turkish with ‘needle sounded as stuck’  1648  but it was NOT .,just part of the song. Nice pop songs in a very “heavy language” and ID 1651 with sports program(? Poss promo )  -45dbm 2x5kHz   
9540 Ibrahim talking 1653 in Guragena with -97dbm Best reception is with USB
9590 /9500 RRom off at 1656 poor
9760 RRom Intl in DRM  1700with-60dbm in SoDiRa with ID as SNR Tiganesti E2  on mode B with Englih program around 35 bad frames on 4k measured.News bulletin

9620 AIR with nice bolly song of the closer past  (90s) on 1709  This is the period Bollywood made the best also movies I was and am again fan and made many reviews .
MY blog is   with 15 Hindi movies so far but many  to come . Thara rahiyi o banke yaaar on 1714 by Lataji the greatest singer of india Jalt hei badan on 1716 again from her
Signal is up to -35 dbm with only 2×4.8 kHZ

15190 R Pilipinas 1731  with ID in Tagalog Just -77/110dbm
6985L QSOs 1735 seem as Spanish or Italian -90dbm Another 6843.5
5140 the  50s station on 1740 t -75dbm but noisy 31db SNR
3275L nice QSO series of outbanders [?] with more than 5 operators one of them using 5.5+ kha with 35dbSNR !!


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